Ralph Reviews The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 2 (SPOILERS)

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Every Season, fans get upset because of the so called “Filler” episodes. I understand how coming off of the premiere, this episode could be perceived as that. That being said, let’s talk about it.

“The Well” introduced us to “The Kingdom” and its leader King Ezekiel. It’s a thriving community that prospers under the reign of Ezekiel, and it’s many leaders. Also, Ezekiel has a Tiger named Shiva. I’m surprised the show pulled off the effects and practical effects of the Tiger while staying under budget. A lot of Films have trouble making Animals look realistic with effects.


This episode was strong for me because of how it introduced The Kingdom and made it seem real in this world. Having a King with his Pet Tiger could get really goofy and strange, so I’m happy to say the show made it work. It felt real and grounded despite how Ludacris it sounds. Also, I loved learning about the members of the community, mainly Ben played by Logan Miller. His character is really likeable and it was heartbreaking to hear about his backstory.

Morgan and Carol’s story is also continued in this episode, as it came to a stop in the Season six finale. Both Lennie James and Melissa McBride had fantastic Chemistry as Morgan and Carol interacted in an unusual Setting. When Carol first sees Shiva the Tiger, it was hilarious. Just a funny moment in general, which was welcome coming from last week’s horror show of an episode.


Things that shook me in the wrong way: No Negan and the Saviors. In my opinion, this Episode could have showed both The Kingdom’s introduction, and the continuation of The Savior’s story. Some of the scenes in King Ezekiel’s community felt added in.

That being said, I liked this Episode. Great seeing a new location, and new characters to care about. I am curious as to how many Episodes we are going to see with Shiva the Tiger, because it must be expensive to display her on screen.

Final Word

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