Ralph Says A Brilliant Brian Cox Keeps CHURCHILL Afloat.

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Winston Churchill’s life was a very long and satisfying one. There are many stories that can be told of his life. The incredible marks he reached, his family, his adventures. However, this film chooses to go in a different direction.Much of “Churchill” is Winston reflecting on his life and his accomplishments. Nothing of significance really happens. Director Jonathan Teplitzky choose to make the movie a character study, instead of telling a story. This didn’t work for me because the movie, at times, runs out of material and meanders. It doesn’t really know what it wants to be.


All that being said, Brian Cox is absolutely brilliant. He nails Winston’s personality, wit, and heart. He gave one of those performances where you lose the actor and only see the character. When Oscar season rolls around this fall, expect Cox’s name to be in the running for best actor.The whole cast really brought a lot of gravitas. John Slattery as Dwight Eisenhower also gave his best performance in years. He brought a lot of subtly in many scenes that will be looked over by many. Ella Purnell was also fantastic as Helen.


I do wish the run-time was shortened about twenty minutes. The film is already short at 98 minutes, but so many scenes are insignificant and have no relevance to the story, that chipping away scenes are necessary to make the movie cleaner. “Churchill” has world-class acting, and a very competent director. Unfortunately, the film meanders and doesn’t know what it wants to be. Brian Cox and John Slattery stand out, but can’t make the movie fully compelling alone.


FINAL WORD:   StarStarHalf StarEmpty StarEmpty Star