Ralph Says ANNABELLE: CREATION Is A Solid Horror Movie That Plays It Safe

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This review of “Annabelle: Creation” is coming from someone who is excited for the upcoming “Conjuring Universe” from Warner Brothers. The Conjuring movies have characters and locations that are filled with so much detail and little Easter eggs that I feel are worth being expanded upon. James Wan’s vision deserves a cinematic universe in my opinion.

What worked for me, and what will work for most people I believe, is that the movie delivers the scares. The number one most important part of a horror movie is how scary it is. It can be directed by Steven Spielberg and have music composed by John Williams, but if it’s not scary, it doesn’t matter. Director David Sandberg, who directed “Lights Out”, did a great job of finding new ways to scare the audience. He used every day items in clever ways to create frightening images.

The movie also does a great job of making the characters human. I liked how the first half of the movie is mostly the characters talking and conversing about the haunted setting. There are still horror elements in the first half of the movie, but it’s mostly setting up the story and the characters, which is vital for horror movies. From Talitha Bateman to Lulu Wilson, I was very happy with the performances.

After pondering the film for a few days, I can give it a positive grade. However, it will barely get a fresh score. When I watch a horror movie, I need it to be innovative and mix things up. “Annabelle: Creation” does that to an extent, but it plays it safe. Some of the scares and twists are new, but the story structure has been used countless times.

And like many horror movies, it felt the need to end with a big explanation of why everything happened. I was hoping for a subtle, slow explanation throughout the movie, but it just threw everything at me, and that was frustrating. This felt like the studio saying “People won’t get it. Just throw this in here at the end.”

“Annabelle: Creation” is a solid horror movie, and it will get a fresh grade from me. Horror fans will love it, but my guess is that the public will be split on it. There are dozens of horror movies every year, and not often are they new and fresh. This film failed to stand out, in my opinion. David Sandberg did a fine job with this material, and I liked the way he crafted the scares. This doesn’t need to be seen in theaters, but it’s worth a watch on a rainy day.