Ralph Says BAYWATCH Is Just Another Messy Attempt At Comedy

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My readers know that I don’t like most comedies. Something about them feels really manufactured and fake. The films feel like products, not real stories. So, naturally, my expectations for “Baywatch” were not high. I love the Rock and all of his charisma, but even he doesn’t have the greatest track-record of picking projects. From “Tooth Fairy” to the countless cheesy action films that he’s been a part of, I couldn’t but help be skeptical of his choice to play Mitch Buchannon.


“Baywatch” follows a group of lifeguards who feel they are above saving people from drowning, and choose to solve a drug crime on their own. This synopsis has been read over and over in numerous Hollywood action comedies, so that element didn’t excite me. However, the cast did. The Rock and Zac Efron looked terrific together in the trailers, and Alexandra Daddario has a lot of talent, in my opinion.

What works is the terrific chemistry and real bond the cast has together. I bought the moments that Mitch and company shared and the inside jokes that the characters had. My other positive (there aren’t many) is Zac Efron’s Matt Brody. I was invested in his arc and the journey he went on. And once again, Zac Efron nails the physical comedy. This was definitely the right career move for him. Matt Brody was hilarious.


Matt Brody aside, “Baywatch” is hard to watch. The script seemed to be put together overnight, as the dialogue felt rushed and the film dragged awfully at many points. Most of the actors seemed to be winging a lot of the scenes to try and save them from falling apart. The film seems to think it knows what it’s doing and the comedy bits are so funny, that small pauses are added for the audience to laugh. This backfired dreadfully.

Director Seth Gordon did not pick the right project here. His style didn’t fit this films tone. He is better suited working on movies in the style of “Horrible Bosses”, one of his previous projects. The dry comedy in that film seems to fit his personality well.


The cast in “Baywatch” shines brightly, but everything else falls to the ground quickly. Zac Efron surprisingly shines as Matt Bordy and delivers one of his best performances, yet can’t save this mess of a comedy.

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