Ralph Says CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS Surprises With Its Heart, Joy, And Charisma.

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The original “Captain Underpants” books should be read by every child. They are imaginative, have a lot of heart, and terrific main characters Harold and George. Going into this first movie, all I needed was a tone similar of the books, and a talented voice cast. Both succeeded. From Ed Helms to Nick Kroll, this is one of the best cast animated films I have ever witnessed. The characters received such a boost from the rich voices. It made them all the more believable and far more likeable and relatable. Ed Helms represented Captain Underpants extremely well. His voice sounded exactly like I imagined in the book. Also, Nick Kroll killed it as Poopypants. George and Harold’s relationship was my favorite aspect of this movie. They had a very genuine back and forth along with terrific personalities. All of their conversations felt completely natural and real for kids. Their positive attitudes and ability to make a bad situation made George and Harold very well-rounded characters.


The overall tone of the film is another positive for me. It’s lighthearted, goofy, and friendly, like the books are. Other studios would have made this a straight up comedy, and I’m glad it wasn’t. I’ll get into the comedy aspect soon (it really works), but the movie is almost a spoof of itself, which is half the reason why the film is good. There are a lot of jokes and self-referential ideas that absolutely add to the whole tone.The animation style this film took on does work, but it seemed like it could’ve used more money. The film is only 82 minutes, and adding another 20 to the run time could have made it more enjoyable. The movie does the reference this and make fun of itself, but I didn’t think it was that clever.


Another aspect that could’ve been improved was Captain Underpants origin. It was accurate to the books, but I felt it took too long to get there. I would’ve liked to see the origin play out in the opening credits and then jump right into the adventure. Hopefully this film gets a sequel so it can focus on sorely telling a story revolving around the main character.“Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie” was a nice surprise. It had a lot of heart, joy and charisma. The voice cast was excellent and represented each character perfectly. It has a few problems, but it didn’t affect my enjoyment.


FINAL WORD:  StarStarStarHalf StarEmpty Star