Ralph Says DISNEY’S BORN IN CHINA Is A Wonderful Feel Good Adventure.

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Disney has made it a tradition to release these nature films that focus on Earth’s wildlife and creatures. Every year, I look forward to getting immersed with these animals and the beautiful environments. It’s quite amazing how Disney creates a narrative with only video of these animals. Sure, a lot of the story lines are manufactured, but it feels real, which is the real goal.


What impressed me the most about “Born In China” is how stunning Director Lu Chuan made China look. In most China based movies we only see the overpopulated cities and lush restaurants, but this film explores the jungles and stunning environments. Chuan really has a talent for making color’s pop, as he does a great film of using the color pallet to his advantage.


As stated in the intro, the storylines, while not completely real, are every so charming. From the Panda’s, to the Monkey’s and Leopard’s, I was charmed the entire length of the film watching the animals interact. Sometimes, the simple things in life are the most effective. This film backs up that statement.


Making a movie is hard. Sure, the average movie fan think it’s just putting a camera in front of actors, and that’s it. The fact of the matter is that it’s extremely difficult to have everything perfect whilst making a film. This movie just doubles down on that simply because animals are vastly unpredictable, and uncontrolled. These filmmakers had to stand for hours to get one simple shot, and that helped me appreciate the experience all the more.

“Born In China” is a wonderful, feel good animal adventure. I would recommend seeing this with the entire family. Disney has created a heartwarming, feel good adventure that is a must see. Sure, a case can made that some of the story is artificial, and it is, but it can’t take away from the glorious cinematography.


FINAL WORD:  StarStarStarStarEmpty Star