Ralph Says Females Finally Have A Superhero To Look Up To With WONDER WOMAN.

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So far, the D.C Cinematic Universe has been very disappointing, to say the least. My main problem with all the movies (besides the poor stories) is how hopeless they are. Hero’s like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman work best when they are in stories that feature hope and optimism. Going into “Wonder Woman”, I was confident that Patty Jenkins vision of Diana included the optimism.


It absolutely did. The star of this movie, and the main reason why it worked, is Patty Jenkins. Her vision of Diana’s home Themyscira was mind-blowing. The island was visually beautiful while boasting a “Princess Bride” feel in terms of the design. Learning about the mythology of Themyscira was also really interesting and added a lot to the story. A number of easter eggs also made way from Jenkins’ vision for “Thor: The Dark World”. Mostly visual scenes.


Gal Gadot’ performance in “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice” really concerned me. She handled the physicality of the character, but showed no emotion or care in the limited scenes Diana had. Not to mention her sorrow sounding voice. However, Gal absolutely kills it in this movie. All of the problems vanished and her performance was absolutely stunning. She seemed to completely transform in this film as an actress. Out of all her performances in the film, this is by far the best.


Chris Pine was also marvelous as Steve Trevor. Like Gal Gadot, this is Pine’s best performance of his career. He was funny, subdued, and charming while also providing a lot of motivation for Diana. My one concern for his character was that Patty Jenkins might make him unlikeable to build up Diana, but that wasn’t the case. Steve ended up with a great arc and was really well written.


As is the case with a lot of superhero movies, the villains are mediocre. It isn’t necessarily a negative because the villains are only present to serve the hero’s story, but Eres wasn’t compelling enough to make the film truly great.“Wonder Woman” is a well-made, well told film is that is long overdue. Females finally have a female superhero that they can look up to in the movies. Gal Gadot is brilliant as Diana and Patty Jenkins vision is absolutely glorious. The only element that kept this film from being great are the villains.


FINAL WORD:  StarStarStarStarEmpty Star