Ralph Says FIST FIGHT Is A Flat, Unfunny Mess Of A Comedy

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“Fist Fight” follows Andy Campbell (Charlie Day) as a teacher who is nervous and frightened about fighting his co-worker Mr. Strickland (Ice Cube) because of a dispute that comes up between the two. A good film to watch before checking out this Comedy (or don’t) is “Grown Ups 2” because of how shockingly similar the two are in quality.

I like Charlie Day and Ice Cube as comedic actors. They are generally funny people. However, movies like this show the struggles they’ve had finding suitable roles as of late. They both play same character in every movie. Day plays the chaotic, nervous idiot, and Cube plays the tough, rugged thug. “Fist Fight” fails to have original jokes, storylines, and characters. This is my biggest problem with the comedy besides it being unfunny.


Also, yes, it does miss the mark on the satire element of the movie. You know, the most important part of a Comedy. Being funny. All the jokes are flat, degrading, and cater to the lowest common Denominator. It’s not enough to just gather funny actors together and have them free ball lines. The best comedies have well written scripts and heartfelt stories. “Fist Fight” fails to do either.

As I mentioned above, the story is lazy and underwhelming to the point where it just gives up being a story half way through the film. This is most likely due to studio mandate. From my perspective, studio executives seem to think that putting a bunch of famous people together in a film will lead to a financially successful product. This isn’t the case. History has proven that a well written script will lead to success. Take comedies like “Wedding Crashers” and “22 Jump Street” for example. Those films have stories that do a great job of making audiences get invested in its main characters.

“Fist Fight” is a blatantly unfunny movie that doesn’t know what audience it’s trying to reach. It features an awful script, and stereotypical characters. I would skip this movie to show studios that people still care about quality.

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