Ralph Says GET OUT Is A Wonderful Dark Comedy.

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The Director of this film, Jordan Peele, is widely known for his work in Comedy. From his show “Key And Peele”, to his various comedic film, it’s clear that he is very well established. Going into “Get Out”, I was expecting a straight up horror film. Based on the trailers, it looked and felt like a dark, gory story. The film took a total 360, and turned into a dark-comedy, which was fantastic.


“Get Out” is an original horror/thriller film Directed by Jordan Peele. The story follows Chris, who goes to his girlfriend’s parents’ house for a weekend away. During his stay, he gets a lot of discomforting and unpleasant encounters from the house staff. This causes him to rethink his entire relationship with his girlfriend Rose.


“Get Out” is a wonderful dark comedy. My favorite aspect of this film is how it meshes the horror and comedy together. It does both well and leaves nothing to be desired. There were multiple scenes that had me on the edge of my seat, yet had me laughing as well. Not many films have done that to me.


Director Jordan Peele also wrote a fantastic screenplay. He managed to write characters that felt genuine and very real. They felt lived in and acted like real people, which was a nice change from the general cliché horror characters. The story itself was clever and didn’t seem to be cliché like most horror stories. I won’t spoil the general story, because it would be a shame to know plot details going into the film, but there is a great plot twist. That’s all I’ll reveal.


This horror thriller combines two genres into one exceptionally well, and Jordan Peele deserves all the credit. “Get Out is a wonderful, daunting little dark comedy. It tells a terrific story while also showing off real, life like characters.


FINAL WORD:  StarStarStarStarHalf Star