Ralph Says GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 Is Superior To The Original.

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What made the first “Guardians Of The Galaxy” so special is how it developed each of the core characters within the first act of the film. By the time the final battle started, each character was developed and had understandable motivations. In my opinion, what makes this sequel superior to the original is how is uses the characters and their relationships with one another.


Starting with Peter and Ego (The Living Planet) seems appropriate because how the father-son friendship evolves is heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. I won’t go into extensive details, but the way they play off each other is very realistic and grounded. It made the final act of the film more meaningful. Another relationship that was brought up is the Gamora-Nebula dynamic. The first film had a couple of scenes that focused on the two, but in Guardians 2 we get a lot more details about their younger years, which made Nebula’s hate for Gamora understandable.


“Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2” doesn’t have a typical superhero story. It focuses solely on the character’s relationship’s, which has surprisingly turned off some critics and fans alike. In my opinion, director James Gunn made the right choice focusing on the characters. A lot of Comic films get held down by complicated stories and meaningless devices that our heroes need to obtain. It was a breath of fresh air seeing a simple story play out. James Gunn deserves all the credit for the way this movie turned out. He clearly knows what it takes to tell a fascinating story with these characters. At this point, I can’t imagine anyone else Directing a Guardians movie. His flair and talent really mesh well with the characters.


Oh, and the jokes! I haven’t laughed this much at the movies in a long, long time. From Drax’s laughter, to baby Groot’s antics, there will be plenty of jokes that satisfy. In the first act of the film, I will say that the jokes did start to pile up. Not that it was necessarily a negative, but they could have been spread out better. It was joke, joke, joke in the first 30 minutes of the story. This is a film that everyone should see. It builds upon the first while also adding a new flair to the franchise that director James Gunn deserves all the credit for. It’s funny, has a lot of heart, and a killer soundtrack.


FINAL WORD:  StarStarStarStarEmpty Star