Ralph Says IT COMES AT NIGHT Is One Of The Best Films Of 2017.

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“It Comes At Night” is an isolated thriller that follows a family in the woods who encounters trouble from a mysterious man. Throughout the film, a virus that is plaguing the world is mentioned many times, but the details of the sickness are never revealed. The best way to describe this movie is “The Blair Witch Project” meets “10 Cloverfield Lane”. Those two films best describe the tone and style of this movie.


The mystery and emptiness of the world that this movie sets up was really well done. From scene one I was hooked and locked in. The way lighting and sounds were inserted into the film contributed to the chilling tone. I loved Director Trey Edward Shults take, and his style fit perfectly for this story.It’s suggested that there is a sort of monster or person hunting in this movie, but we never see it. I love that, because it makes it all the scarier imagining what it could be. The films characters never acknowledge the figures presence, but they certainly were affected by it.


This is director Trey Edward Shults’s second film (Krisha) and he is the star of this movie. The entire cast kills it (see below), but his take on this world and these characters captured my imagination and took me into another world. That may be an unusual statement for a horror/drama film, but I was absolutely fascinated the entire run time. I also love how the sci-fi, horror, and drama genres were all combined to form one coherent story. Not one overtakes the over. The horror element isn’t exactly cliché jump scares, and the drama is very grounded in this sci-fi like world. As I said in the first paragraph, the movie has a sci-fi feel because of the virus, and that made the story feel more complete and interesting.


I did like this cast of characters quite a bit. From Joel Edgerton to Carmen Ejogo, everyone gave terrific, heartfelt performances. My one gripe with the characters is that there are too many of them. I liked some of them, but I couldn’t get invested in all of them due to limited screen time. “It Comes At Night” is one of the year’s best films. It combines many genres and delivers the perfect tone. I was absolutely locked in to the world that this movie created, and would like to see more stories in this universe. Look for Trey Edward Shults to get a best director nomination at the Oscars.


FINAL WORD:  StarStarStarStarHalf Star