Ralph Says IT Is The Best Horror Flick He Has Seen In Years

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Horror movies generally disappoint me. It’s not that they are always bad, but in order to be good they need to mix it up and add new things. Take “Annabelle: Creation”, for example. The film was made exceptionally well, but it didn’t offer anything new, which held it from being great. However, “IT” showed me why I love horror films.

The scares in “IT” are some of the best I’ve seen in a long time. They aren’t better than the scares in 2014’s “It Follows”, but the film stands on its own. Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise makes all the scenes terrifying. Also, his take on the Clown was significantly better than Tim Curry in the original.

As well as Pennywise, the kids are a lot better than the ones in the original. They gave it a “Stand by Me” feel with the cursing and the playful banter. My favorite was Finn Wolfhart’s Richie. He was hilarious and all of his comedic lines hit.

What makes this film special in my opinion, is how it combines the horror and coming-of-age genres. Most horror films are straight up jump scares movies, but this film does two genres right, and that’s what made it hit for me. Director Andy Muschietti made the right choice when he wanted it to have a “Stand by Me” meets “Halloween” feel.

With the combination of two genres, and the terrific child performances, Director Andy Muschietti has crafted the best horror film I’ve seen in years. Definitely see “It” as soon as possible.

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