Ralph Says KONG: SKULL ISLAND Doesn’t Monkey Around

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Making a half decent King Kong movie isn’t hard in my books. The character doesn’t have a lot of depth or history to work with. Simply put, to make a substantial Kong movie, all it needs is well filmed action, realistic special effects, and mediocre characters. Not that I want average characters, but for me, the characters don’t matter as much in monster movies.

“Kong: Skull Island” delivers the goods in terms of King Kong action. The Kong action scenes in this film are some of the best monster movie action scenes out there. It was such a rush and a privilege to see this movie in Imax: 3D, but that isn’t needed to enjoy the movie. Jordan Vogt-Roberts, the Director of this film, added a great visual style to Kong and the island in general. He really delivered a great King Kong.


One issue that many people have with all the Kong films in existent, is that they all mirror each other. Well, “Kong: Skull Island” fixes that. The movie takes it’s time to set up a whole new world and a different origin for Kong. It does a fantastic job of setting up new rules and regulations for Kong while keeping what works in the franchise. However, while taking it’s time to set up the “Monster Universe” it doesn’t forget to focus on Kong, which I was initially worried about.

And finally, one more positive for this film is how simple it turned out to be. As much as I love Peter Jackson’s Kong, it was too long. It dedicated a lot of unnecessary screen time at the beginning of the film setting up the characters. It was a waste because they didn’t matter much on the island. “Kong: Skull Island” gives us a lot of Kong destruction scenes and many epic monster on monster battles.

I flat out loved this movie. No, it’s not and never needed to be a great movie. However, it delivers the entertainment that it promised. Well done, Warner Brothers.

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