Ralph Says LA LA LAND Is The Best Film Of The Year

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Damien Chazelle is only 31 years old, and has already made two masterpieces. “Whiplash, and “La-La-Land”. Most Directors would kill for one masterpiece in their lifetime, forget two in a row. Given his early career success, I wouldn’t be surprised if eventually he is among the greatest directors of all time.


“La-La-Land” follows Sebastian (Pianist) and Mia (Actress) trying to fulfill their dreams in Los Angeles. A lot of the story revolves around chasing dreams, and not giving up. What worked in the film was the relationship between Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) and Mia (Emma Stone). The chemistry between the two was truly magical and breathtakingly real. I fell right into the characters, and didn’t see Stone or Gosling acting. Only the characters interacting. Director and Screenwriter Damien Chazelle wrote such a splendid and well thought out story that I had flashbacks in my mind because the plot is very relatable. Everyone who watches this movie will be able to relate to something or someone. “La-La-Land” truly is for everyone and has elements that most people will be able to enjoy. However, the film’s core story is truly genius. Yes, it’s been told before, but not this well. There wasn’t that one moment that felt unrealistic and disingenuous that most films have.


Again, Chazelle casted and wrote characters that had such real qualities, and they had moments of pure cinematic bliss. “La-La-Land’s characters are written flawlessly, feel immensely real, and aren’t cliché. Normally, characters written this well would be my favorite element of the film, but this film does everything right. Older film fans will also appreciate the movie because of how its filmed and edited. After watching the film, it’s easy to tell that Damien Chazelle is a fan of old Hollywood and Los Angeles.


Arguably my favorite element of this movie was its music. Oscar winning composer Justin Hurwitz scored this film wonderfully. What makes the films songs and music so powerful, is that it enhanced the story and made many scenes wonderful to watch. This will be a day one soundtrack purchase for me because the music was so charming and memorable. One more compliment I will give director Damien Chazelle is how he placed the songs, and how they didn’t feel forced and fake. My problem with a lot of musicals is how the songs suddenly start in the middle of a character moment. “La-La-Land” strategically places its songs in the film while also strengthening the film’s core story. For the films score, my highest praise is that it wouldn’t be the same without the music and songs. “La-La-Land” is my favorite film of the year because of its memorable characters, well thought out story, and out of this world music. It’s truly a piece of modern art.


FINAL WORD:  StarStarStarStarStar