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Ralph says LANDLINE Is One Of The Best Film’s This Summer.

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I’ve been anticipating “Landline” for a while now. Not the movie itself, but the personal family drama. Besides my personal favorite movie of the year ‘Gifted”, the summer season has been lacking in dramas. The trailers did a great job with drawing me in because of how relatable the relationships looked and the direction that Gillian Robespierre was taking the story. Overall, I was ready for this movie.

First off, my favorite part of the movie is the relationships. All the characters are put into situations that made the drama more grounded. This helped me understand the characters emotions and motivations. Jenny Slate and Abby Quinn’s sister relationship was my favorite one. They had a great banter and I was hooked every second they were on screen together. Also, Abby Quinn’s relationship with her father John Turturro was sweet. A lot of the scenes they share are typical father-daughter stuff, but then the film takes a turn and their relationship evolves into something great.

More importantly, Gillian Roberspierre’s direction makes this movie great. What she did with the story and the characters is impressive. In my opinion, she is the director of the year so far. All the scenes blend together seamlessly and have a John Hughes vibe, which worked. She kept a fast pace the whole movie which kept the film from dragging. There are “slow” scenes, but the movie has so much energy that you never get bored.

Finally, I loved Jenny Slate in “Landline”. She’s done a lot of comedies and tv shows before this, successfully, but in this movie, she shows another side of acting. The scenes with her mother and father, her sister, and her husband are really intimate because of her. She is great in “Parks and Recreation”, but this film made me respect her as an actress.As for negatives, I did not like the storyline with Finn Wittrock’s character. It felt tacked on to improve Jenny Slate’s character, but she wasn’t developed through it. Gillian Robespierre tries to make it work, but I would’ve removed it.

“Landline” is one of the better movies of the summer. This family drama heavy film was a breath of fresh air during this summer movie season. All the relationships are well handled and the direction of the story was excellent. Jenny Slate is the stand out in this excellent family drama.