Ralph Says LOGAN Is A Gory, Heartfelt Masterpiece.

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As of late, the Superhero genre has been a mixed bag. Films such as “Captain America: Civil War” and “Deadpool” have pushed forward the genre while “Batman V Superman” and “X-Men: Apocalypse have been less than well received. My point is, the genre needs “Logan” to be a hit.


The newest Wolverine film is a departure from the previous entries in the franchise. This movie is violent, serious, and as realistic as a Comic Book movie can get. “Logan” follows a beaten, subdued, and angry Wolverine who seems to be slowly losing his powers. While living quietly and peacefully with Professor X and Caliban, Logan gets caught in a cat and mouse type adventure with a young Mutant who needs his help. A great example of the basic story is the film “Blood Father” starring Mel Gibson. What works with the Gibson film and now this movie is how simple, yet effective the stories are.


At no point in this film are X-Men movie’s referenced, or even mentioned. There’s no world building, no Deadpool (thank God) and no chaotic story. One of my favorite elements of “Logan” is how it focused on solely developing its characters and not getting caught up in a confusing, cliché story from the comics. This left lots of room for wonderful moments between our main characters.


When it was announced by Fox just under a year ago that “Logan” was going to be Rated-R, I was thrilled. In my opinion, it didn’t feel right limiting Wolverine to a kid friendly rating. Not that I didn’t want everyone to enjoy the films, but it just felt that the franchise wasn’t reaching its full potential. I’m thrilled to say that this is the Wolverine movie I’ve (and a lot of people) been waiting for. It’s violent, bruiting, and very mature. There’s lots of heads being decapitated, plenty of cursing from Charles and Logan, and a surprisingly adult story.


In my opinion, Director James Mangold finally nailed Wolverine in this film. He is comic accurate in his action scenes, and his overall personality. Not that being comic necessarily important, making a good movie is. However, for me, Logan works as a character when you see the dark side of him.


“Logan” is a breath of fresh air in the Comic Book genre. It tells a simple, yet effective story that showed the side of Wolverine we have all been waiting for. It’s a gory, heartfelt masterpiece.


FINAL WORD: StarStarStarStarStar