Ralph Says MISSION:IMPOSSIBLE-FALLOUT Is The Best Action Film of the Year.

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When looking back on the best action films of all time, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Mad Max: Fury Road, they are memorable because the action is mostly shot in camera. The action is easy to follow, minimal CGI is used, and the films don’t give the audience a moment to breathe. films like the ones previously mentioned have set the standard for what an action movie should be.

Mission Impossible: Fallout is in the likes of an exceptional action film that will be remembered for years to come. I can’t quite use the word masterpiece, but it’s knocking on that door. Every action sequence is the equivalent of your favorite baseball team hitting a walk-off grand slam. The way action films are shot are vitally important, but a factor that many filmmakers don’t consider is the emotional reaction. Christopher McQuarrie, Director of the film, nails both factors perfectly.

Ethan Hunt returns, played by Tom Cruise, to obtain plutonium from a group of terrorists to prevent nuclear attacks. Cruise attempts his best to sneak in some scientology reference but that aside we have all fan favorites returning to the Franchise 6th entry. The likes of Simon Pegg’s Benji Dunn, Ving Rhames as Luther Sticklell, and Rebecca Ferguson’s Ilsa (A personal favorite of mine. Whomever is with her is very lucky) collaborate again and work perfectly with the dedication that Tom Cruise puts into his stunts for the franchise. We saw Cruise hang from the side of a building in Ghost Protocol, secure himself to an airplane thousands of feet in the air in Rogue Nation, and now in Fallout we see him fly a live helicopter. Though CGI can be lifelike however, it can’t compare to actors doing these impossible (get it?) stunts. Audiences can generally tell the difference between staring at a green screen, and real reactions. Cruise’s dedication to increasing the wow-factor every film is why the Mission Impossible franchise is beloved. You don’t see these antics from 99% of franchises.

While it’s action sequences are spectacular, Fallout has a surprisingly competent story. Any film’s plot is important, sure, but the Mission Impossible franchise puts an extra emphasis on Ethan’s impossible missions. What truly is an impossible mission for Tom Cruise’s unbreakable anti-hero needs to be intriguing, or audiences will lose interest. Fallout follows up lose threads from Rogue Nation, while standing on its own as a film. Nothing about the story blew me away, but it was competent enough to keep the action scenes moving and keep me interested.

Without spoiling the sub-plot, Fallout does a great job of keeping Ethan Hunt fresh as a character. Generally, Ethan is the same bad-ass, untrusting spy, which is fine. That’s what made him into the character he is today. Fallout just does a great job of showing another side of the character, which is important to keeping the franchise fresh.

Mission Impossible: Fallout will be, without a doubt, the best action movie of the year when it’s all said and done. Right now, it sits my top three 2018 films behind Ready Player One, and Eighth Grade. I believe that Fallout is a must-see film and will standout to audiences as the best action film since Mad Max: Fury Road.