Ralph Says MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS Is Not One He Can Recommend

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“Murder On The Orient Express” is your classic murder mystery. This film intrigued me because of the train setting. There are plenty of murder movies out there, but not many of them take place in an isloaded setting. The idea of the plot intrigued me to check it out.

I’m not a negative nancy, so let’s start with the positives. For starters, Kenneth Branagh’s performance as Detective Hercule Poirot is worth the price of admission alone. I can’t put my finger on it, but his performance is so out there and loony, that it works. All of his comedic scenes hit, he had a fantastic character arc, and Hercule was a stand up guy that you wanna hang out with. Branagh’s french accent wasn’t always perfect, but that was used for comedic effect multiple times, so I’m ok with it.

Kenneth Branagh also Directed the movie, and did a fine job. As expected, plenty of CGI was used to create the backgrounds and the train tracks, but that didn’t stop Branagh from creating a visually pleasing movie. All of the train scenes were beautiful to watch, and I’m glad that green screen was minimally used. It kept me more involved because I could tell that he wanted to use the physical sets as much as he could. That created a more believable environment.

What wasn’t believable, and what missed the mark for me, was the plot. Common sense wasn’t used when it came to plot points. I tried to piece together what was going on while I was watching, but nothing made sense. It can sometimes be the viewers fault when it comes to a confusing plot, but not in this case. The story was very weak and needed a lot of polishing. The ending in specific is absurd. When I first saw it, I was actually impressed with the end twist. However, after thinking about it for a little bit, it makes no sense.

Another unimpressive element of “Murder On The Orient Express” is the cast. Kenneth Branagh aside, the cast was wasted. None of the supporting cast brought any personality to their characters. Some big names like Daisy Ridley, Johnny Depp, and Josh Gad, are wasted here. I would’ve been okay with these mediocre characters if the performances were better, but they are also written very poorly. No one, besides Branagh of course, are given anything of relevance to do. This may be due to Branagh also Directing and wanting to put all the work on himself, but it’s a shame that this perfectly good cast was wasted.

Kenneth Branagh’s performance aside, I can’t recommend this movie. It’s a dull, weak attempt at a murder mystery. If Detective Hercule Poirot wasn’t as entertaining as he was, my score for this movie would be much lower. If you do want to check this movie out, I would recommend renting it, not paying for a movie ticket.

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