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I love how ridiculous the Fast And The Furious franchise has gotten. It went from simple street races, to torpedoes and tanks. Vin Diesel and company recognize that, and have taken full advantage of it. That being said, none of it really matters if the characters haven’t been developed or given any realistic motivation.

What this film does very well is setting up a great villain with Charlize Thereon. One glaring weakness of the franchise is the villains. I’m happy to say that Cypher is the strongest in the series. Her relationship with Dom really felt natural to the story and her reasoning behind everything makes a lot of sense.

Another positive is the cast. A big part of why people love these movies is the chemistry all of these characters have with each other. From Dom, to Brian and Mia, at this point in the story we already care about these people so much that it’s a given. I’m also happy that The Rock had a bigger role in this one. His presence means so much.


Ultimately, “The Fate Of The Furious” is a step down from the previous film in the franchise. As I said above, this film doesn’t work because at its core I wasn’t connected to the characters and a lot of the action was meaningless. Fast Seven had the unfair disadvantage of Paul Walker’s death that ultimately made the audience (and me) care more about the story and characters.

I also believe that F Gary Gray wasn’t the right choice to direct this movie. I’m aware that he did a fantastic job with “Straight Outta Compton” and this is another Universal project, but he didn’t fit well. A lot of what I saw was very generic and a copy of the other Fast films. To sum it all up, my biggest problem with his work on this film is that he didn’t bring anything new to it. Not that the series needs to be reinvented, but each film before this brought new ideas. This one didn’t.

“The Fate Of The Furious” is a perfectly fine over-the-top action film. It has some exciting adventure sequences, but ultimately for most of it I wasn’t invested in the action. All of the characters work well together as usual, but nothing about this film is new and exciting. Vin Diesel’s newest is mediocre.

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