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Ralph Says SNATCHED Is Dreadful and Unbearable.

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In the current era of film, truly excellent comedies are hard to come by. Most of them seem to follow the same formula: have a known actor/actress in the lead, and a script with mainly low level humor. Mostly toilet and fart jokes. This is due to the fact that most comedies take very little money to produce, and generally break even or make money on the opening weekend gross alone.


Here comes “Snatched” starring the controversial Amy Schumer, and the infamous Goldie Hawn. The two are on vacation in Colombia, and get kidnapped after Amy Schumer’s character Emily gets swindled by a foreigner she meets.Unfortunately, this film was hard to get through. I considered walking out of the screening numerous times due to the unbearable dialogue and the dreadful sense of humor Director Jonathan Levine had. A perfect comparison to this film is the recently released comedy “Why Him”. It has great talent involved, but the final product came out to be like most studio mandated comedies. My wish is that more comedies like “Wedding Crashers” are made. Films that have both excellent humor, and a lot of heart.


What did work was actor Ike Barinholtz. He was the only genuinely funny actor in the film. Jeffrey had the best dialogue, and the best laughs in the film. It’s a shame that the rest of the film didn’t have this spark of humor.“Snatched” is a comedy that does not need to be seen. The jokes don’t hit, the characters are underwhelming, and the story is already played out. Amy Schumer has some scenes where she shows that she is here to stay in movies with her personality, but even her wit couldn’t save this film. Let’s hope she goes back to films in the style of “Trainwreck”.


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