Ralph Says THE ACCOUNTANT Will Hit You Emotionally.

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The career of Ben Affleck as an actor has been largely successful. Minus the hiccups as Daredevil and his part in Gigli, it’s been fantastic. “The Accountant” continues a string of great performances by Affleck.  In the film we follow Christian Wolff  (Affleck) as a mildly autistic, yet shockingly intelligent accountant who has a dark alter ego. A better way to describe his character is a “highly functioning man with Aspergers”. The film is described as a drama, but it feels more like an action/thriller. What really worked for me was the cast. From Ben Affleck, to Anna Kendrick, the whole cast brought their A game. Anna Kendrick surprised me because normally she plays very nutty and over centric characters. Before viewing the movie, my hopes weren’t high for her role in this film. Overall, she surprisingly worked well with Affleck and stood on her own as a character. And of course, Ben Affleck is astounding. It’s early, but if I could cast a vote in the upcoming Oscars, Affleck would get my vote for “Best Actor”.


Another huge plus in the film was Jon Bernthal. Like Affleck, he brings 100% to all of his roles. From “The Wolf Of Wall Street”, to his role in “The Walking Dead”, he is always excellent. He is particularly great because his scenes with Affleck work so very well. No spoilers will be mentioned in this review, but they will tug at your emotional core.My final main positive from the film is it’s ending. If you’ve seen “Warrior”, another film from Gavin O’Connor, you’ll know he works great with relationships. All of the relationships between said characters in this film are great and will hit you emotionally. He knows how to trick the audience emotionally.


My negatives are very simple: J.K Simmons and Cynthia Addai-Robinson’s character’s don’t factor into the story at all. Both of them are introduced, and have complicated backstories. It’s disappointing because if both of the characters were just removed from the story, nothing would change. This all stems from a mediocre screenplay that could have been improved with small changes. Overall, “The Accountant” is an above average thriller that shines with Ben Affleck as its lead. Expect this film to get some Oscar buzz come December.




FINAL WORD: StarStarStarEmpty Star