Ralph Says THE FOUNDER Made Him Hungry For McDonalds

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For a long time, I’ve been interested in Ray Kroc as a person and interested in his accomplishments with McDonalds. His life story seemed like it was worthy telling on the big screen, based on what I had read.“The Founder” explains the origins of America’s favorite fast-food chain “McDonalds and how it came to be. A lot of the plot revolves around Ray Kroc’s life story and his motivations to be a part of something successful.


All in all, “The Founder” works because of its fantastic and well thought out story. Robert Siegel, the film’s screenwriter, deserves all the credit in the world (and an Oscar nomination). Every scene was written wonderfully, and all the characters had a reason for their decisions. Also, the movie showcased the real events in a very crowd friendly way. I say that simply because of the way it played out in the end.Michael Keaton was an absolute revelation as Ray Kroc in this movie. When watching, I didn’t see Keaton, only the Founder of McDonalds. Mostly everyone would agree that the highest praise an actor can receive is disappearing into the role. Nick Offerman was also terrific as Dick McDonald. I feel like Offerman has been type cast as of late in Hollywood, so it was nice to see him finally flourish in a role.


“The Founder” also nailed the very trick tone of combining Drama and Comedy. Not many stories can handle and balance both tones, but Director John Lee Hancock made it work.  I will say that the story did implode on itself a few times. Not to get into detail, but it’s clear that the story didn’t know what to do at a few points. This won’t ruin the experience, or the story for that matter. It just seemed lazy compared to the rest of the films writing.“The Founder” boasts a fantastic story and screenplay, along with an all-star cast that will surely knock on the door at the Oscars. Not many films today rely solely on the script, so seeing how well written the movie is was a nice change of pace.


FINAL WORD:  StarStarStarStarEmpty Star