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The original “The Lego Movie” has created today’s standard for an animated film in my opinion. It very cleverly hid Adult themes and storylines in the film while keeping it entertaining for the kids. If “The Lego Batman Movie” accomplishes that for major audiences, it’s done its job. However, one major concern I had going into the film, is that the shtick Batman used in the original film, would grow old. The “Minions” factor. Generally, spin-off films don’t work.


Director Chris McKay makes it work due to a very clever story and script. All the plot points and character motivations are well done and treated with care. The best and most interesting character is of course Batman. Warner Brothers has made many Batman movies, and yet the Animated form of the character is as interesting as he’s ever been. The film just understood the character well and knew how to make Bruce Wayne interesting again.


Michael Cera’s Robin was also a delight to watch. The character isn’t a fit for the DCEU because of his childish tone, so seeing him in the animated form was the perfect fit. Making Dick Grayson Bruce Wayne’s adopted son was such a great way to insert him in the story and make it feel natural.

I would say the overall tone is what made the movie special. Like “The Lego Movie”, it’s very fast paced and has very minimal dull moments. The story never takes a break, which was crucial to the pace of the film.

While the story is very clever and overall well written, it does take a long break in the second act. What I mean by that, is after the first act, the story freezes and doesn’t pick up until the final act. This is my main flaw in an above average, and delightfully clever film.


“The Lego Batman Movie” is a must watch in theaters. While it’s not as good as “The Lego Movie”, it’s still charming and a great time in the theater. Will Arnett shines as the voice of Batman, while Director Chris McKay deserves all the praise in the world for this film.

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