Ralph Says Weak Character Development Keeps DUNKIRK From Greatness.

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Christopher Nolan is arguably the most influential director of this generation. His films, when at their best, inflict emotion and have great characters. I think that these factors made Nolan the perfect fit to direct this War movie.The best that “Dunkirk” has to offer, is its score. Hans Zimmer delivers his best soundtrack since “Interstellar”. When watching the movie, you will see that the music added a lot of tension to the action scenes. In the peaceful moments, the score increases the drama. Christopher Nolan and Hans Zimmer have worked together many times. The partnership continues to produce.

Christopher Nolan continues to produce well-made films on a technical level. Say what you will about the risks he takes on his stories, but every one of his films are top notch on the technical level. The backgrounds look realistic, the props have a grounded look, and the production design is the best in the business. Audiences will be divided on the film because of the characters (more on that later) but the look of “Dunkirk” is top- notch. Another top-notch element of “Dunkirk” is the sound. All the best War movies have great sound because it makes the battle scenes more realistic. It transports the audience into the battle scenes. “Dunkirk” did that for me.

What the film didn’t do is make me care about the characters. As realistic as the battle scenes were, and no matter how much I think Christopher Nolan’s style fit this story, the weak characters kept this film from being great. All of the actors delivered great performances, but no context was given to the soldiers.“Dunkirk” is a well-made film with poor characters. I was blown away by Hans Zimmer beautiful score, and Christopher Nolan’s take on the war. I can give a recommendation based on the films score and production design.