Ralph Talks About Why He Doesn’t Want Kyrie On The Heat

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I love all of this Kyrie Irving trade drama. It’s made the off-season a circus, and it’s entertaining as hell. However, when the Kyrie to Miami rumors started, that’s when it became concerning for me.

I feel that his style of play doesn’t fit with Miami’s offense. He takes 20-25 shots a game, and needs a lot of ball control. With Miami’s style of play, he wouldn’t get that, and that will create locker room issues. Look at his time with Cleveland pre-Lebron. In 2013 with a Kyrie lead team, Cleveland only won 33 games. The year before that, only 24. If Kyrie is traded to Miami, the team is likely to be bad.

Kyrie being traded to Miami would also mess up the current team’s chemistry. The Heat finished the second half of the year 30-11, which was the best in the NBA. Now, imagine if the current team, with the same roster (minus Willie Reed), had a chance to play together for an entire year. You could be looking at a 50-win team, which would be a top 3 seed in the weak eastern conference. I can’t see a scenario in which Kyrie would produce more wins.

Looking at all of the above information, Kyrie wouldn’t improve the Heat. Miami would have to give up Goran Dragic, Justice Winslow, Josh Richardson, and likely their first-round draft pick Bam Adebayo. Giving up all of that for a point guard who hasn’t proven that he can win on his own isn’t worth it.