Scott Says Alfonso Cuaron’s Gravity Is A Masterpiece

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I see hundreds of movies a year. Most of the films I view are pleasant diversions from the monotony of everyday life. These movies exist for the sole purpose of positively distracting the audience for 120 minutes or so, then it’s back to the grind of everyday life. I have zero complaints about such films. If I walk out of a film with even a half smile on my face, the movie has done it’s job. But once in a great while, if I’m lucky, a movie comes along that sucks the air out of my stomach and takes the floor out from under my feet. Thanks to director Alfonso Cuaron I can now add astronaut to my ever growing resume because with his new film Gravity, he has taken me to space.

gravity 1

The premise for Gravity is about as simplistic as it gets.  Medical engineer Dr. Ryan Stone ( Sandra Bullock) and astronaut Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) are left floating adrift after their ship is struck by a field of debris left by the disposal of a Russian satellite. They both have to use their wits and the few tools at their disposal to try and stay alive and get back home.  That’s it, that’s the story. On the surface, Gravity is a big budgeted 90 minute disaster film. An Apollo 13 on steroids. Dig a little deeper and you will find an emotional roller-coaster about the strength of the human spirit.

gravity 2

The acting in Gravity is superb. George Clooney is his usual charming movie star self, but it’s Sandra Bullock that absolutelysteals the show. She has never been better. Her performance as the deeply scarred Dr. Stone is a one woman tour de force that is sure to be remembered come Oscar time. Actually everything about Gravity spells Oscar. I often sat in wonderment wondering how this film was even made. Which brings me to director Alfonso Cuaron. With Gravity, he has created the most technically efficient and emotionally enveloping science fiction film I have ever seen. The reported 80 million dollar budget is all on screen for the world to see. It’s incredible watching a simple bead of sweat form and trickle down and off an astronaut’s face.

Gravity 3

I have heard people voice concern over the simplistic premise of Gravity.  They’ve asked how the movie can fill an hour and a half with two astronauts aimlessly floating around space.  I assure you that this movie is so much more.  Gravity is a hypnotic, transcending piece of science fiction made by a director firing on all cylinders. Dare I say I feel it is the best film of the year

Final Word – 4 Stars

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