Scott Says the New POINT BREAK Remake Is Pointless Fun

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Another week comes with another brisk walk down Nostalgia Street.  Last month an aging Rocky Balboa tugged on our heartstrings. Last week, Star Wars: The Force Awakens awoken the kid in all of us yearning for a taste of that 1980’s magic in a bottle moment..  Now here comes Point Break and the huge difference between the remake of the 1991 film starring Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze and the aforementioned two films is pretty simplistic.  The original Point Break wasn’t really that great of a movie. In fact, I’d argue that it was at it’s base, pretty pedestrian and mediocre.. Sure it had the star power of it’s two leads and a few memorable scenes, but I never understood all the outrage once the new Point Break trailer hit the internet.  I watched the trailer with a blank stare and a shoulder shrug.  My argument wouldn’t be how bad or different the new Point Break looked, it would be why did they bother to make it at all? It’s like waking up one morning and hearing they have decided to remake Action Jackson.


The story line for our modernized Point Break is almost exactly the same. You have Delroy Lindo taking over Gary Busey’s part as an F.B.I. instructor in charge of finding a group of thieves that are pulling off extremely difficult and next to impossible robberies by using X-Game like extreme sports to pull off each heist.  The band of daredevils aren’t stealing to pad their bank accounts, they are the present day Robin Hood. Lindo enlists the help of F.B.I. Agent Johnny Utah ( Luke Bracey), a former motor-cross driver trying to overcome some of his own personal demons.  Utah’s job? You guessed it. Infiltrate the group and find the culprits before more “American” money is lost. Utah heads to France to catch the perfect wave and runs into Bodhi (Edgar Ramirez)and his gang. Bodhi likes Utah’s bravery/recklessness and Utah is seemingly almost immediately accepted into the group.  Bodhi and his minions are trying to complete the “Ozaki Eight”, a series of ridiculously crazy tasks designed to pay back mother nature for all that humans take from her.  Listening to Bodhi speak is like being at a party in which everyone is smoking marijuana and suddenly these very same people who were playing video games five minutes prior, have an idea to cure cancer and solve all the world’s problems. Like the 1991 film, Utah starts to form a bond with Bodhi and must decide which side he is on.


I watched Point Break in 3D and it looks spectacular.  Whether it’s the skydiving/gliding scenes, rock climbing, snowboarding or motor-cross, the photography in this film is absolutely fantastic.  My main problem with the film is the casting of Bracey as Johnny Utah. If you think Keanu Reeves is a wooden actor, wait until you see Bracey.  Bracey was also the worst part of last year’s wretched Nicholas Sparks film The Best of Me.  Edgar Ramirez on the other hand is a rising actor who deserves much better material. The star of 2010’s phenomenal “Carlos” is still searching for his breakout role.  Here, he is just spewing out spiritual nonsense in between each action scene. Although the “bromance” chemistry between Bracey and Ramirez can’t touch the Swayze/Reeves dynamic,the film has just enough action and spectacle to merit a viewing on a rainy Sunday afternoon. So relax everyone. 2015’s Point Break isn’t as bad as everyone thinks it is, just like 1991’s Point Break isn’t as great as everyone remembers.


FINAL WORD: StarStarHalf StarEmpty Star