Steve Brings You His Top 10 Movies of 2014!

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Hey all…Steve here again. This time I am bringing some joy to your life with some of the better movies I saw in 2014. I promise you several things. I promise you pure joy as you go through the list. I also promise to bring along some controversy. All of you that read my stuff regularly know that I am really good with controversy. I also don’t care much about what people think of my opinions. How great of a mix is that for putting together a list of the top movies of 2014? Enjoy the ride people because it is about to begin!

10. The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Be advised that this is a spoiler alert and if you didn’t see this one in 2014 and don’t want the ending spoiled do not read the last sentence in this paragraph. This is Exhibit A of how Steve doesn’t care what you think. Putting The Amazing Spider-Man 2 at number 10 on my list is a big F YOU to all of the cry babies out there that didn’t like the way this one ended. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 made $708 million worldwide and was considered a disappointment! I was not disappointed and I know many that were not disappointed. Perhaps there have been too many Spidey movies lately with 5 movies in the last 12 years, but that’s besides the point. People complained that the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movies didn’t follow the comics. Some of those same people are complaining that the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man movies do follow the comics (and apparently we’ve seen the last Andrew Garfield Spider-Man movie). You will never make everyone happy. Remember that Superman Returns was too boring and Man of Steel was too much action. Give it a rest people. Oh…Gwen Stacy dies at the end.

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9. Big Hero 6

My son absolutely loved Big Hero 6 and I thought it was fantastic as well. Walt Disney Animation Studios brought us another hit with Baymax leading the way. The only downfall with Big Hero 6 being so good is that I have to get my wallet ready for all of the merchandise my son is going to want. This one hits bluray on February 24th and I already have it preordered for my son. It will be Baymax week in the Farace household that week!

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8. Nightcrawler

There are still way too many people that don’t know about Nightcrawler and that’s a shame. Jake Gyllenhaal delivers a top tier performance in this one and the story is a great one too. Be ready for a lot of “holy crap I can’t believe he just did that” moments as Gyllenhaal spirals out of control. I loved Nightcrawler for giving me that adrenaline boost that comes with the territory of capturing a news story as it happens.

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8B. The Lego Movie

Wait a damn second! How’d 8B get in there?? Ah well. What’s done is done. I saw The Lego Movie very late in the game in 2014. I thought it was a great movie for the family and that Batman absolutely took over the film. Everything is indeed awesome in The Lego Movie and if you haven’t seen it yet I can’t be mad at you because I just saw it 3 days ago!

7. Interstellar

Two years in a row a movie that takes place in space took my breath away. It is the scariest thought in the world (or out of this world) to me. Just the thought of being out there with almost no control of where you are going is pure insanity. Last year Gravity took the number one spot on my list. This year Interstellar and an outstanding performance by Matthew McConaughey secure a healthy spot in my top 10.

6. How to Train Your Dragon 2

There are times when you expect a sequel to simply mail it in based on the success of the original. How to Train Your Dragon 2 could have easily done that and nobody would have killed them for it. They didn’t. They went in the opposite direction. There are some that say this one was even better than the original. I will let you decide, but this one was the best animated movie of the year for me.

5. The Fault in Our Stars

I figured number 5 was a nice cozy spot for The Fault in Our Stars. What a sad, but great movie. This movie was one that not many wanted to see when screening time came along, but we all left pleasantly surprised. My wife obviously loved this one and there were many tears shed around the world throughout the movie. If you are looking for a real tear-jerker or just want to show your date your sensitive side then this one will do the trick!

4. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Oh man I am getting nervous! I can’t wait to see what is number 1! I know I made the list…whatever. The latest Captain American movie blew me away. It was outstanding from start to finish and they learned from some of the many mistakes they made in the previous entry to the series. If you missed out on this one you are seriously lacking in the thrills department for 2014. Promise me you will see in as soon as possible in 2015!

3. X-Men: Days of Future Past

Holy crap! Number 3! Ok, so X-men: Days of Future Past blew me away just a bit more than Captain America. Seeing the past and the present was absolutely brilliant and made for an amazing movie experience. There is action and intrigue and everything else that makes up a number 3!

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2. Whiplash

Whiplash comes in at number 2 on my list and it made me the angriest of any movie that I saw in 2014. J.K. Simmons plays the nastiest son of a bitch and is sensational at it. All he was trying to do was get the best out of his students and he made me want to jump through the big screen to kick his ass on multiple occasions. Outstanding movie and outstanding performance! Grab it when you can!

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1. Guardians of the Galaxy

Drum rollllll please! Oh man I already announced it! I’ve got to get better at that next year! Going from a movie that was not even on my radar to being number 1 on my list is Guardians of the Galaxy. The screening for this one was right across the street from my house and I STILL didn’t want to go. The thought of seeing a movie with this little smart-ass racoon and Dave Bautista the wrestler in it had me wanting to call in sick! This is the rare time when Steve is wrong. The movie was sensational from start to finish. It will have you lmao’ing and lol’ing and whatever else the kids are saying these days. It will also have you on the edge of your seat with the action scenes. The racoon isn’t so bad either and neither is my boy Groot. I will leave you with dancing Groot. It’s quite popular and if this is the first time you have seen it then I would love to see the rock you’ve been hiding underneath!