Steve Needs To Vent About His Knickerbockers

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It has been just about 15 years since the last time the Knicks were really relevant. That was the team that went to the Finals against the twin tower Spurs team and lost. That was the team headed by Marcus Camby, Allan Houston and Latrell Sprewell. Gone was Patrick Ewing, John Starks and Charles Oakley. The heart of the Knicks team was already gone and the franchise was about to slip into a coma. This coma is also known as the Isiah Thomas Era.


Then we had our savior! It was King James. For three years leading up to his free agency decision, everyone spoke about how he was going to New York. We had a new General Manager that cleared the necessary cap space to get him. The problem was that they had room for LeBron and one more star. 1200 miles south of New York was an old friend of the Knicks and he had room for 3 stars. Pat Riley was able to go into his negotiations and throw his championships rings on the table and ask LeBron if that’s what he wanted. A few weeks later we had The Decision and the celebration was on in Miami. It was going to be another era like the Jordan one 15 years prior.


The Knicks grabbed Stoudemire – a perennial All-Star and offensive machine. During his first season with the Knicks he seamed to have turned things around. He was the first name mentioned in MVP talks and he was putting up 30 points nearly every night. Then Donnie Walsh blew the team up. He would send nearly the entire team to the Denver Nuggets in return for the best scorer in the game, Carmelo Anthony. Melo wanted out of Denver in the worst way and forced a trade – and it was almost to the Nets instead of the Knicks. He forced his way out because nobody knew what would happen with the impending lockout. Not even Donnie Walsh could sit by and wait to see what happened because Melo could easily sign an extension with the Nets or Lakers, both of which made very good offers (at the time) to obtain Melo. The Knicks franchise was now energized with STAT and Melo and things were going to change. Then they finished their own big 3 with Tyson Chandler. Here comes a championship.


Wrong. STAT and Melo never worked out together on the court at the same time. Both needed the ball too much and neither could adjust to life with less involvement on the offensive side of the ball. They made it to the playoffs for a few seasons. They even won a series. The Heat and Pacers were simply too much for them to handle. The team and their fans had to sit by and watch the Heat make it to 4 straight finals and win 2 titles before LeBron decided to go home to Cleveland.


But wait!! What’s this?? Another savior!! The Zen Master himself! Phil bleepin’ Jackson. He played for the Knicks the last time they won a title. I was -8 years old. He won 11 rings between the Bulls and Lakers and now he was coming to New York. The Knicks missed the playoffs last year, but somehow it was ok because Phil had arrived. He was going to fix this mess (again). He almost immediately traded away Tyson Chandler and Raymond Felton to the Mavericks in exchange for Ivan Calderon and a few other guys including Shane Larkin. These guys were the best fit for the triangle offense that Phil and new coach Derek Fisher was going to be put in place. Phil was able to retain Melo with the promise of bringing him help next year when they have a huge amount of cap space.


The result of all of this? The Knicks got demolished by the Bulls at home in the opener. Then they went to Cleveland and beat the Cavs. Nobody knew what to expect from this team. They had some nice pieces in place for this year and nobody under contract after this season besides Melo and JR Smith (voted most likely to be traded). They are now 4-20. They are once again the laughing stock of the league and even Dennis Rodman is getting in on it saying the Knicks aren’t running the triangle offense and Derick Fisher is not really coaching. He also said he learned the triangle in 10 minutes because it is that easy. I don’t know if it’s that easy or not, but the guy who once married himself is launching nukes at the Knicks.


Back to things going on within the organization. Phil is worried about the loser mentality that obviously goes along with a 4-20 record. Melo is saying he needs to do more and he is also fighting with Tim Hardaway Jr. There is not much else that could go wrong besides Stoudemire punching another fire extinguisher. The only saving grace for the Knicks is that this year was always supposed to be a punt. Next year is the year that changes need to be made. The problem is this: who is going to want to come to this circus next year if things don’t change this year? There is only one thing we know for sure and that is Steve Kerr is a very smart man.