Steve reviews Shameless Season 5 Episode 11

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Frank and Bianca

We begin with Frank shopping with Bianca for whiskey because “everyone should experience whiskey before they die”. She decides on a bottle that costs $10,100 from WWII. What are they going to do, come after her for her credit card debt??

They go up to the roof when Bianca sees her family outside of her apartment because they want to do an intervention and she is having none of it. She wants to go from whiskey to crack. Might as well take the next step when you don’t have much time to live.

They are looking for crack and as they crossed the train tracks, Bianca tells Frank about the fact that she’s always been afraid of train tracks and now she feels so alive standings on them. She wants to have sex on the tracks – he hesitates but goes along with it (do you really think Frank would pass on that?). That is until a train comes through and they literally have to roll off the tracks.


Fiona makes sure that Sean is OK with his situation so that she can leave and go find a way to go see Ian. After breaking a glass and getting several shards stuck in her hand, Sean takes the glass out and takes the Gallagher family to see Ian. What a hero.

Gus calls Fiona to let her know that the tour is cancelled and that he will be home in a few days. She doesn’t seem thrilled about it. I can see this going downhill rather quickly when he gets back.

Once he drops the family off, Sean invites them back to the restaurant for some food and venting. Fiona is the only one that accepts the invite.

Sean is making dinner for him and Fiona and they start talking about feelings and Fiona’s slutty quota, etc. Things are heating up…again, rather quickly.


Lip and his professor have no shame at all having sex in his dorm room. When they are done they talk about the gathering that she invited him to later that night. She has her husband take Lip where he needs to go – which is to go see Ian in military prison. Oh and it’s on a scooter. Yup.

Before the gathering, Professor Wallace brings Lip cocktail attire which included a shirt, jacket and a tie. When they get there it was some uptight people that were excited for what the neighborhood was turning into. Lip tells one guy that because of the new coffee house and yoga place his friends can’t afford to live there anymore.

Sami/The Gallagher’s

Sami is still at the Gallagher household and when Mickey confronts her about what she did to Ian, she pulls a gun on him and says she will be gone in the morning after seeing Chucky in juvenile hall and everyone better just leave her alone until then.

Mickey wants to have Sami tortured, but Fiona is having none of it although she would love for it to happen.

Deb is doing research on water boarding (even though Fiona is against torturing Sami) and she presents a plan to Mickey. The problem is that Mickey already gave Sami the drugs and she passed out. They look to set her up to torture her and they find out that she’s dead. Deb freaks out and Mickey takes it pretty lightly.


When they meet with the officer in charge they tell him everything about Ian. They tell him how he’s been acting and that he is now clinically bipolar. They will do anything they can to keep Ian out of trouble. The AWOL charge alone carries a 5 year sentence.

Ian calls Monica and she comes to see him in Military prison. He needed someone to talk to that could identify with him because they both have the same disease. It seems as though Ian has a pretty strong connection with her. She makes it a point of telling him that he needs to be with people that accept him for who he is.

When they get to the Military hospital the next day, they are told that Ian was released into the care of Monica. Ian and Monica are hitchhiking anywhere south of Chicago.

Kev and Veronica

While Veronica and Kev are cleaning the bar they start talking about what they did when they were apart. Veronica ends up walking out on him.

While they were cleaning the bar later on that night Kev tells Veronica that he wants to have sex with her and that he even watched the porn they made and they have sex on the pool table.

Final scene(s)

A mix of Fiona dancing with Sean and Lip’s evening the with professor, her husband and this new guy that is being introduced to the craziness that Lip is involved with these days.

Frank takes Bianca to the Gallagher home after seeing Mickey lock the door to the moving crate (with Sami’s body in it) and she is vomiting in the bathroom from a combination of the cancer and the drinking. Looks like Frank is having second thoughts on letting Bianca smoke the crack because of its effect on the immune system. This is all very confusing – Frank is caring about someone! This is like the story of the grinch. Well…maybe not.

Fiona realizes that she hasn’t told Gus anything about what has been going on with her and how weird it is that she didn’t tell him what was going on. Sean let’s her know that it was him that she told every detail to and not her husband.

Frank texts Bianca’s family back with the address so that they can convince her to get treatment and he can spend some more time with her before she dies and she tells him that she’s not in love with him. She wants to leave without Frank and without her family. Frank catches up to her cab with his passport so they can leave together.

They come to get the moving crate (with Sami’s body inside).

Oh and by the way, Sami isn’t dead but she is in the moving crate.

Steve’s Thoughts

Last nights episode was another solid one for Shameless. The stunner was Frank actually caring about someone other than himself. Well, I guess the real stunner was how quickly Sami died, but then she was alive and it was hilarious. Fiona finally admits that she has slutty tendencies (not that we all don’t know, love and enjoy that). Like I said last week, I am happy that Kev and Veronica are finally back together, because I wasn’t caring about them while they were apart. Lip seems like he is headed down a path he is not going to like. He always seems to have everything taken care of for him, but this time he might not like where it is taking him. I feel really bad for Ian – about everything that he is going through and now he feels as though he has to go to Monica for help. That really is hitting rock bottom.