Steve reviews the Shameless Season 5 finale

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Here we go with the Shameless Season 5 finale…buckle up!

Let’s first go through the first 5 scenes…

Gus is back – he and Fiona are going at it (in a good way) as the show opens up.

In our second scene we have more sex. This time it is Lip and his professor. He is tied up and realizes her husband is sitting in the corner watching them. He’s apparently waiting for them to finish so he can go to bed. This situation is getting crazier and crazier.

Third scene is Mickey having sex. With a girl. What the hell is going on here?!?!

Fourth scene. No sex! Ian is laying in the back of a truck as his mom talks to the driver. Who knows where they are going and what Monica’s “plan” is.

Fifth scene – Deb’s boyfriend is leaving after they – you guessed it – had sex. They say I love you to each other. Way too early guys. Come on!


Ian and Monica stop at a truck plaza and Monica finds out that Ian doesn’t have any money. At first she is shocked that the military didn’t give him any money before releasing him. The she says she does have money and tells him to get a table and she will be right back. Looks like she is going to have sex with a trucker for money, but she goes around to the opposite side of a truck with one of them and comes right back out with some cash. Very mysterious and very odd.

They continue hitch hiking on to “home”. This is where we get to meet Walter. I thought Monica was a lesbian. Things are getting weird. Oh, wait this is Shameless we are talking about. So now Monica is with this very young guy that lives in a trailer.

Monica admits to selling the trucker something to get them the money for the food. Still no specifics.

Ian discovers meth in Monica’s bag. He questions her as to how she got the money – still no answer. He looks into another trailer and discovers a meth lab. So there is a meth lab and a guy names Walter – I feel like I’ve seen this somewhere before.Walter comes out of the trailer pissed off because they are making noise arguing. Monica diffuses the situation and consoles Ian and tells him that they will be OK. Mickey calls him for the 900th time (not really) and he doesn’t answer again. Mickey decides to grab another guy to have fun with.

Ian finally calls Mickey and he misses the call!! Nooooo. Sorry, I got a bit over-dramatic there. He calls Ian back and he answers and he’s at the Gallagher mansion. Mickey runs towards the house. Ian wants to know if Mickey will be with him even if he doesn’t take his meds. Too much is wrong with him and nobody can fix him because that’s who he is. Mickey starts crying when he realizes that Ian is breaking up with him. Sami shows up with a gun and chases Mickey. A fitting end to another whacky season of Shameless.


Frank seems to be living it up in Costa Rica. He is on the beach with Bianca and she decides to go for a swim.

Bianca wants to get drunk and by a gun. Does anyone else find this to be troubling? Not the gun part, but the fact that she is all over Frank.

Bianca and Frank are doing the nasty again and when they are done Bianca feels like it is a good time to play Russian roulette. She goes twice and nothing happens and while Frank is trying to wrestle the gun away from her it goes off. He now has a matching wound on his left arm to go along with the one Sami gave him on his right. He just laughs it off.

Bianca is in a lot of pain and Frank gets her pills to take (with a beer – I just had to throw that out there). She asks for more pills and he gives her more. Frank sees the gun and realizes that she tried to kill herself. She thanks Frank for making her happy and tells him that she’s never been happy before. Frank being the sensible one is strange (even for Shameless).

Bianca gets naked and goes into the ocean.

Frank wakes up to an empty bottle of pills and two cards. One for him and one for her family.


Fiona comes home and there is still no food from when Sami stopped being the head of the household. Deb is asking 20 questions about Fiona and Gus and Sean. Veronica stops by and she trades stories with Fiona about what is going on in their lives. It’s the typical “bff” conversation that one would imagine.

Fiona tells Sean that Gus is back and now he is being very sarcastic. He says they aren’t friends and that she should get home to her husband. Ouch.

Fiona comes home to Liam watching zombies and then walks into Debs room while she is making out with her boyfriend and makes him leave. Deb blurts out that she is pregnant and that she loves her boyfriend and they are going to get married and have lots of babies. Deb has absolutely snapped. She is one of the reasons why I just can’t have a daughter. Well, I am already bald, so I can’t lose all of my hair because of the stress. I just don’t know.

Deb tells Fiona that she wants to have a baby and tells her she knows what she wants unlike Fiona. No daughters, Steve, no daughters.

Fiona goes to see Gus but he is already gone. One of his band mates are there and he tells her to man up and leave Gus if she doesn’t love him and that she’s not a nice person.

Fiona goes to see Sean to tell him she’s in love with him and that she’s pretty sure he is in love with her. He tells her not to split up with Gus because of him. They kiss. She tells him that he makes her happy and he says happiness is overrated and that she needs to grow up.

Kev and Veronica

Veronica makes Kev get tested after he slept with all of the girls at the campus. He admits to having sex with 22 or 23 girls. Way to make all single guys out there jealous. Way to go.

Veronica bought a school girl outfit for Kev (on the advice of her mom) and she asks if him if that’s what the sluts wore and if that is what he likes now. His answers don’t make her happy and she locks herself in the bathroom. The babies start crying and she gets sarcastic with him saying better get them before the die. Very over dramatic. He says they should go get them together.

After credit scenes

Deb takes a pregnancy test and all she says is “oh, shit”. Really? Is that how you’re going to leave us hanging?

Ian and Lip are smoking weed in the van and just talking about how Lip could be in love with one of her professors. Frank returns and tells them that “she’s gone”. Looks like Frank is coming back to the Gallagher mansion as we await what craziness he can get involved with next season.

Fight in the juvenile hall is about to commence. Carl and the black kids vs Chucky and the white kids.

Steve’s Thoughts

I think that Shameless finished off season 5 with some clean breaks and some big questions about next season. This Fiona thing is getting a bit old, but I won’t complain about any of her scenes (if you know what I’m saying). I think they are tackling some real-life issues along with some of the absurd things that they need to do on the show in order to still be “shameless”. Overall, another good season of Shameless. Besides that little blip of not caring about the mid-season story of Kev and Veronica, I found myself still caring about the entire gang.

What did you think?