Steve reviews The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale

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The season 5 finale opens with Morgan in the back of his car waking up and then making himself some tea at a campsite. A guy comes up with a gun and we finally get an explanation of the “W” on the forehead. The original settlers put bounties on the heads of wolves – so W’s were engraved on their heads. He wants everything that the Morgan has including himself. Morgan tells him he will not be alive. He is attacked and emerges victorious. He takes the two men into the back of his car. Morgan is a badass!


Rick is waking up and looks around dazed and confused. Michonne is watching over him and wants to know why he was laughing when he first woke up. She wants to know what he’s doing. She lets him know that Pete was placed in another house. It is really difficult to gauge what Michonne is thinking after this initial conversation.

Carol preps Rick as to what he should say at the meeting that Deanna is going to have. They think she might want to have Rick kicked out. Rick has a plan if they don’t talk – slit the main people’s throats.

After another nap, Rick wakes up to Carol speaking to him about how what happened was a good thing and that what Michonne did was stupid.

Carl tells Rick that the people at Alexandria need them and that without them they would die. Rick prepares Carl by letting him know that he might have to either threaten or kill one of them at the meeting.

Rick goes to see Jessie to tell her that he isn’t sorry for what happened. Jessie thinks it’s a bad idea that people see them talking. Pete sees Rick walking away from his old house after speaking to his wife and he begins losing his mind.

Rick tells Michonne that they lied to her about the number of guns they had because they didn’t know how she would take it and afraid she would talk Rick out of it. She feels as though they don’t need weapons there. She makes it known that no matter what she is with him. She knows something is going to happen, but she tells him not to make something happen.


Maggie’s goes to talk to Deanna about the meeting. Deanna says she is going to do what she needs to do. The meeting will be to discuss what happened and what should be done about it.


Sasha is filling a mass grave of walkers that she has successfully hunted. You can tell there is a lot going through her mind as she actually lays down amongst the walkers and closes her eyes. She is an absolute mess at this point.

Daryl and Aaron

The new recruiting team is still on the lookout for people that they can recruit to bring back to Alexandria.

They come across a food store with trucks and need to kill a group of walkers before getting to it. When they get closer they find a truck with an Alaska license plate. Aaron and his damn license plate collection. It was a trap and what seemed like hundreds of walkers come out attacking them. They manage to get into a car, but are completely surrounded by walkers. The scene is absolutely insane and I would have soiled my pants if I were either of them.

Daryl tells Aaron he is going out of the car and he will lead them away and Aaron can get away. They decide they are going to fight them off together. One walker gets a knife through the his head and it is Morgan! Morgan doesn’t accept the invitation, but needs to know where he is so he can get to where he is going. He hands his map to Daryl and he sees Ricks name on the map. Morgan to the rescue! Morgan is now a badass! BOOM!

Father Gabriel

Father Gabriel is “ready” and it seems as though he is ready to die, but it looks like he is ready to kill. He kills a walker and kills the man that the walker was feeding on and then breaks down. Maybe he wasn’t ready after all. This guy is pissing me off. You don’t want Steve to be pissed off.

When he comes back, he is asked to close the gates and he doesn’t. Are you KIDDING ME?? He walks away as the gates to Alexandria are still open. PISSED off Steve.


Glenn sees Nicholas scaling the wall. He goes out after him and he shoots Glenn in the shoulder. They get into a fight and Glenn is in serious trouble. Walkers. All. Over.

Final Scene(s)

Rick notices that the gate is open and that there is blood that has trickled inside the gates. He goes out to make sure everything is OK and then turns his attention to whatever may have come through the gates. He runs into the walkers that got in.

Sasha goes to see the Father Gabriel because she is losing her mind. He says she can’t help her. She continues saying that she wants to die and he blames her for his brothers death. She attacks him.

Everyone is at the meeting except for Rick and Glenn. Deanna says she is going to start without them and wants to talk about Rick and how he had a gun that he stole. Michonne explains what Rick is all about and if everyone is lucky they will be like him. Carol tells the group how much they all need people like Rick. As the meeting continues we see Rick fighting off the the walkers, Sasha fighting Father Gabriel and Glenn fighting Nicholas. Maggie tells everyone that Rick started the family and that they should all want to be part of it. It feels like the last episode of Seinfeld, only they are saying positive things about Rick and not terrible things about the Seinfeld crew. In the middle of the meeting Rick brings a walker in and throws him on the ground. He talks about how walkers and people on the outside will always try to get in because they are on the inside and how they need to change and change now.

Glenn comes back and attacks Nicholas and starts pounding on him. He points to the gun at his head, but can’t pull the trigger.

Deanna tells everyone that Father Gabriel came to tell her that Rick’s group was dangerous and that they only looked out for themselves. There is a running theme of Father Gabriel pissing me off. Even though that happened last week, Deanna letting everyone know about it just brought back the memory and me being pissed off last week.

The “W” guys are setting the trap again. They have found the pictures of the group and looks like they will target them next.

In the end all is well with the 3 fights that we’re going on. Maggie comes in and stops Sasha from shooting Father Gabriel and they are now praying together. Glenn is carrying Nicholas back to Alexandria and well, you already know what happened between Rick and the walkers.

Pete comes back to confront/kill Rick. Pete slices Deanna’s husbands throat (looked accidental) with Michonne’s sword and Deanna immediately asks Rick to kill Pete. The direct quote is “Rick, do it”. He does and just as he shoots Pete, Morgan is there and simply says his name.

In the final scene (after the end credits) we see Michonne realizing she still needs her sword and we also see the area where the “W” guys have set the trap and there is a car with the words “Wolves Not Far”.

Steve’s Thoughts

I thought last nights season finale was the best one of the series so far. It had me at the edge of my seat throughout and really delivered on the heightened expectations for the finale. I have always had just one complaint about The Walking Dead as I compare it to other shows with many different story lines (like Game of Thrones) and that is they don’t really balance them very well. Remember that there have been some episodes with just one story and characters are gone for a week or two at a time. They had me bouncing off the walls for the last 30 minutes of the episode last night and they did it perfectly. I hope that continues. It also reminded me how much Rick Grimes is like Jack Bauer because, while everyone should always listen to Jack and Rick, they just don’t and in the end they find out they were right all along. Rick has taken over Alexandria and it is for the best. There were so many rumors going around about which main character would die – in the end it was only Pete. Looks to me like Rick is free to pursue a relationship with Jessie now. Good for him. That is until the wolves make their way to Alexandria…