Steve Says CHIPS Is A Flick You Won’t Want To Take A Bite Out Of

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What can you possibly expect from a movie that is written and directed by Dax Shepard? The first movie he ever directed was called Brother’s Justice and it received a big fat goose-egg on Rotten Tomatoes. He just doesn’t make good movies and he certainly hasn’t directed any. Michael Pena? Yes, he has done some good work in The Martian, Ant-Man, End of Watch and American Hustle. All that being said, the two are paired up in this buddy cop film and it was interesting to think of which side of the scale this one was going to tip in. Alright, let’s run through this.


Jon Baker (Dax Shepard) is a new recruit that is going through some marital problems with his estranged wife, Karen (Kristen Bell). He is paired up with Frank Poncherello (Michael Pena) who appears to be some sort of a sex addict. Together they are on the hunt for information that leads to a group of dirty cops that is led by Vic Brown (Vincent D’Onofrio). It’s usually at this point in a comedy where things start to fall off the wheels and the hilarity ensues. That’s not the case in this one. It flat lines from the very beginning.

As we were all told in the trailer, Poncherello has a weakness for women in yoga pants and that is pretty much it. Baker has martial issues and that is all. The only one I really feel bad for is D’Onofrio because he is better than this. He is so much better than this as you saw in Daredevil on Netflix when he played Wilson Fisk. You can plainly see that Kristen Bell really does love Dax Shepard to be a part of this nonsense.


The only characters that are memorable are the ones that are in the lead and they are just barely memorable. The rest of the cast is an underdeveloped a mess and whatever laughs might be had can be had by watching the trailer. There were barely any laughs in the screening and if you dare to waste your time on this one you will see exactly why that was. It is in these moments that you know how much I love you guys as I certainly see both the good and the bad so you know where to spend your hard earned money.

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