Steve Says EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING Isn’t Everything, But It Is Something

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Sometimes you just need a nice little teen romance, right? Well, I suppose you don’t need it, but a nice little love story a time where there aren’t many feel good stories out there is sure nice to have around. We have seen some really good ones like The Fault in Our Stars so why not give this one a whirl. Everything, Everything had the potential to live up to something like The Fault in Our Stars, so let’s get into it to see if it did just that or if it should have been called Nothing, Nothing.


This one stars Amandla Stenberg as Maddy who suffers from SCID, which is Severe Combined Immunodeficiency. It also stars Nick Robinson as Olly, the boy who moves in next door who communicates with Maddy. Let’s start with Maddy. She is so sick that she is not able to go outside. Her immune system basically doesn’t work and if she were to interact with any kind of virus it could kill her. She spends her days reading books and surfing the internet for tidbits of information to get her through. Good thing her Mom is a doctor, right? For Maddy, everyday feels like the same day over and over again – she is living the real-life Groundhog Day.

Olly is the boy who moves in next door and immediately catches Maddy’s attention. When Olly and his sister bring a cake over to Maddy’s, we know that Olly has been longing to meet Maddy. The two see each other out the window and Olly writes his phone number on his window and the two begin texting. They talk about a lot of things and the topic of why Maddy never goes outside comes up. They continue speaking to each other, when one day, Maddy’s nurse Carla (Ana de la Reguera) arranges for the two to meet as long as they stay on the other side of the room from each other. They don’t and soon Maddy gets sick and her mother becomes furious. They know they shouldn’t be together.


Now, what do we all do when we know we can’t have something? We go after it more. That’s what happens with these two. Maddy has the “nothing will keep us apart” attitude while Olly is a bit more realistic about it and doesn’t want Maddy risking her health. Which side will prevail? You know me…no spoilers so you will have to get to a theater and check it out yourself. Critics have been so-so on this one, while audiences have liked it a lot. One critic said that it wasn’t a good film because it didn’t make them cry. Well, maybe this critic from Arizona is just becoming a cranky old man. Does this film need to make you cry to be considered good? Really. Steve didn’t cry and he still enjoyed the film. It’s not a groundbreaking idea by any stretch of the imagination and it isn’t The Fault in Our Stars, but it does its job and the two main actors did a very nice job of playing their roles.

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