Steve Says THE 33 Is An Inspirational, Tear-Jerking Rollercoaster

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I have made it no secret that films based on true stories get me pretty much any time. It really doesn’t matter if it is spot on because they will always make you think back to that moment in history. They also make you think about what you were doing at that time and what you were feeling and thinking. The 33 is about the 2010 disaster at the San Jose mine in Chile, which trapped 33 men underground for 69 days and focused the world’s attention on the exploitation of miners for the time being.

Unless you have been buried under a rock somewhere (I’m sorry, it just fits here) then you know about this story. You were more than likely reading and watching new specials about it for over 3 months. You couldn’t go anywhere without seeing something having to do with this horrible situation. Speaking for myself I could not imagine myself in that situation. Just think about it – trapped thousands of feet beneath the surface with 3 days worth of food and nothing but starvation and death on your mind. No, thank you. At the start of the film, we are told that 12,000 miners die per year – that’s insane.


It was just another day at the office when the mine collapsed. Once it does and we find out that the 33 miners are all alive, the story really begins to build and branch out. We see how involved the mining company was as well as the government in Chile. We see the story and how it played out for the miners and their families. You are able to see what the miners are going through. As you can imagine they go through a wide range of emotion. They go through hope and denial and (spoiler alert) they are hungry. They go through times when they have hope and times when they just know they are going to be dead soon.

I didn’t go into any of the story here because you know what happened. You know that the 33 miners survived and that it took 69 days of drilling and blood, sweat and tears to get them out. The reason why you want to see this film is because of the emotion – they sadness, the fear and even the laughter that is a part of what goes on for over 3 months. Antonio Banderas, Lou Diamond Phillips and the rest of the cast do a decent job in roles that really could have been played by anyone. Yes, there are lulls within the film, but not once was I bored. If you’re into films that are based on true events like I am, then this is one that you should head out to see this weekend.

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