Steve Says The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Weaves A Web Of Awesomeness

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Your favorite neighborhood Spider-man is back in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Andrew Garfield reprises his role as Peter Parker/Spider-man and he continues to be the sarcastic crime fighting kid that keeps New York City safe. Emma Stone also returns as the person that Parker cares about the most in life, Gwen Stacy. Keep in mind that in the first part of this rebooted series, Spider-man made a promise to Gwen’s father to stay away from her so that she would not have any harm come to her. We find out pretty early on whether or not Parker is able to keep his promise.


In this second edition, we are introduced to his good buddy Harry Osborn (Dane DeHaan). They haven’t spoken to each other in very long time and they have some catching up to do. Harry is the man at Oscorp after taking over for his father. We also find out in the very early going exactly what happened to Peter’s parents and eventually we learn the entire story behind why they disappeared in the first place. We are also introduced to Mr. Max Dillon (Jamie Foxx). To say that Dillon is socially awkward would be an understatement. Once a fan of Spidey, he quickly changes his tune after a freak accident turns him into Electro. You might be able to tell by now that between his enemies and his love life (or lack thereof) Spidey has his hands full in this one.


The 3D in this movie is worth the price of admission alone. The fight scenes and specifically the scenes in which Spider-man utilizes his “spidey sense” are particularly stellar looking. The views of New York City are spectacular as always and you have to admit that his suit is pretty cool too. When the 3D effects are not needed, The Amazing Spider-man 2 is carried by the incredible on screen chemistry between Garfield and Stone. Sometimes an on screen duo has it and these two certainly do have it.


The Spider-man series has always been about entertainment value and this installment certainly gives you that. The fear for most was that we were going to be drowned in enemies, but once you see it your fears should be what drowns away. It has everything that a Spider-man film should have. Fierce battles with enemies, a nice love story and some witty/sarcastic one-liners at just the right times. For those of you that grew up reading the comics you should know that this one follows the comic pretty closely. That will make some people happy and it will also no doubt upset some others. Overall, The Amazing Spider-man 2 is a must see (especially for you Spidey fans).

Final Word – 3 1/2 Stars