Steve Says THE STRANGERS: PREY AT NIGHT Is Both Predictable And Blah

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10 years ago, we got a flick called The Strangers. It was a film meant for scares and not a whole lot more and it succeeded for the most part. There was the slaughtering of a family during a home invasion and it was enough to satisfy those that had a thirst for that kind of thing. A decade later, we get another one of these flicks. The biggest question was why wait 10 years to capitalize on what was a decent box office return? On a budget of $9 million, the original took home $82 million worldwide. Time to see if this one is as good as the original one.

As I said before, the original was about a family and a home invasion and…well, 3 strangers. The thing about these films is that they don’t have to be original. The location and story may have changed, but there is still a family being stalked by…well, 3 strangers. This time around the family is on its way to a short getaway before they send their daughter off to boarding school. We get to meet Christina Hendricks as the mom (Cindy), Martin Henderson as the dad (Mike), Bailee Madison as the daughter (Kinsey) and Lewis Pullman as the son (Luke). As they get to the trailer park that they will be stay at, there are immediate signs of NOPE. When are these horror flick families going to learn that when a situation looks bad, just go the other way. This family was not the family that would learn their lesson.

Look, this flick is 85 minutes long with not much of a story to cover, so let me get to the performances. They were just OK as it pertains to a horror flick family. There are no great performances and you don’t really care too much about the characters other than they are a family and you just feel bad for their situation. I don’t need to tell you that The Man in Mask, Dollface and Pin-Up Girl don’t have much of a backstory or anything else besides the fact that they are killers. The fact that this one is only 85 minutes long and I was still wondering why it didn’t end at certain points and dragged for another scene or two should tell you all that you need to know. If you are into mindless killing with not much of a story then you should feel free to go spend your hard earned cash this weekend.

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