Steve Says Transcendence Is Thought Provoking But Something Is Missing

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When it comes to technology there is generally two schools of thought. There are those of us that feel that there is too much technology and then there are those of us that feel that we are too far behind the times when it comes to technology. Transcendence is going to continue this trend and I have a feeling there are going to be some of you that flip flop on this topic during the 2 hours you will spend seeing this latest Johnny Depp flick.


This is clearly a battle between mankind and technology. Will Caster (Johnny Depp) plays a scientist that is trying to move the world towards a place in which computers will transcend the abilities of the human brain. Some of the things he is trying to do will go beyond your wildest imagination. His biggest battle will not be creating the technology needed, but it will be against a very radical anti-technology organization that is led by Bree (Kate Mara from House of Cards).


When it is discovered that Dr. Caster only has a few weeks to live, his wife Evelyn Caster (Rebecca Hall) comes up with the idea of using his mind and his brain waves in the machine that he created. Her reasoning is two-fold. It will allow his invention to continue on and it will also keep him alive in spirit long after his body is gone. The attempt is successful and Evelyn is able to continue to communicate with her husband and his dream of technology taking over the world comes to fruition one step at a time.


If the movie ended there it would be pretty lame so you can imagine that there are many detractors to Evelyn’s plan. The battle rages on because of the fact that Dr. Caster’s technology brings along many good things such as the extreme advancement of stem cell research. One of the main detractors is Joseph Tagger (Morgan Freeman). Any movie with Morgan Freeman in it automatically starts with 1 star in my book. He always does such a wonderful job in his roles. Johnny Depp is his usual self and carries himself well. He is very worried about the well-being of the planet. He may or may not be right, but he does another great job in this one.


Transcendence is definitely a thought provoking movie that will have your mind working from start to finish. If you are looking for a movie where you can check your brain at the door, then this one is not for you. My main problem with Transcendence is that there are several spots throughout the movie where there is just a lull in the story. There are also several twists and turns that you must follow along closely or you run the risk of getting lost. For me there was one glaring hole in the story, but I will let you see for yourself on that one. All in all, you can do a lot better than Transcendence when heading to the movie theater to spend your hard earned money.

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