Steve says while Pitch Perfect 2 isn’t perfect, it certainly does its job

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Ladies and gentlemen, making her directorial debut, Elizabeth Banks! Yes, she still plays one-half of the acapella announce team, but she is also handling everything that is going on behind the scenes. The original movie that came out in 2012 made just over $65 million and a ton more on bluray/dvd. People became obsessed with that movie. I avoided it like the plague, but one day my wife was watching it (for the 7,328th time) and I was in the room and I found myself laughing against my will. I actually enjoyed it. It was time to put the sequel to the test!


The girls (and guys) are all back in the sequel and competing for greatness. The girls acapella team has won 3 competitions since the original flick and they are performing as the movie opens up. Everything is going well until Fat Amy has an accident and moons the entire world. As she hangs from the rafters, she spins around until she is giving everyone a full-frontal show. The scene was dubbed “muff-gate” and it would get the girls team banned from every competition leading up to the World Championships.

For Chloe (Brittany Snow) it is devastating news as this has been the only life she wants to lead. For Beca (Anna Kendrick) it is not as important because she is the only one in the group that has been thinking about what she wants to do after her acapella days are over. Beca actually has already begun the transition as she is interning at a big music production company where she finds herself listening to Snoop Dog as he tries to record a classic Christmas album. The team seems to be in disarray and the story of the movie follows their path to the World Championships where they will have to face the big bad German team. The question is will they be able to stick together or will they find themselves going down separate paths? Also, how does the new girl, Emily (Hailee Steinfeld) fit into all of this?


Pitch Perfect was a hard act to follow, but Pitch Perfect 2 does a really good job of trying to get there. The story is somewhat lacking in this one, but the comedy is still there. Some of the jokes fall flat, but that can be said about many comedies out there. The battles are still there that sucked you into the first movie and if you were a fan of the first flick, you should have absolutely no problem with this one. Not a bad directorial debut, Elizabeth.

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