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Take A Look At The Sportz Nutt’s Week 1 Breakdown

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The NFL is back, and like me, has been gone for quite some time. There have been uphill battles on and off the field, but overall the public and fanbase is excited to see it return.

Week 1 is a mere few days away, and with it comes speculation, betting and predictions. Be sure to click over and see my season long predictions, along with the other pundits here. Here’s a more in depth look at the Week 1 schedule and hopefully some question that will soon be answered.

 Thu Sep 6 8:20 pm  Atlanta Falcons  Philadelphia Eagles
 Sun Sep 9 1:00 pm  Buffalo Bills  Baltimore Ravens
  1:00 pm  Cincinnati Bengals  Indianapolis Colts
  1:00 pm  Houston Texans  New England Patriots
  1:00 pm  Jacksonville Jaguars  New York Giants
  1:00 pm  Pittsburgh Steelers  Cleveland Browns
  1:00 pm  San Francisco 49ers  Minnesota Vikings
  1:00 pm  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  New Orleans Saints
  1:00 pm  Tennessee Titans  Miami Dolphins
  4:05 pm  Kansas City Chiefs  Los Angeles Chargers
  4:25 pm  Dallas Cowboys  Carolina Panthers
  4:25 pm  Seattle Seahawks  Denver Broncos
  4:25 pm  Washington Redskins  Arizona Cardinals
  8:20 pm  Chicago Bears  Green Bay Packers
 Mon Sep 10 8:10 pm  New York Jets  Detroit Lions
  10:20 pm  Los Angeles Rams  Oakland Raiders

Top 3 Games of the Week:

3 – Chargers vs Chiefs

In a battle of two AFC super powers, the Chargers look to start the season off right with a divisional win at home. Don’t sleep on the Chargers this year, as their offense should come through in a big way, while their defense holds its own. A win here would put them in a prime spot as the divisional leader.

2 – Packers vs Bears

A week ago, I would have said that this game wouldn’t be as big as it is now, but after trading for Khalil Mack, the Bears just got themselves BETTER. Furthermore, this will be a big test for Aaron Rodgers minus his best RB and new WR. Davante Adams is going to crush it this year.

1 – Eagles vs Falcons

Could this be a precursor for the playoffs? Both teams are favored to win their respective divisions (not by me though) and you know that the Eagles will be fired up to defend their trophy. That said, I look for Philadelphia to take a step back this year as they have had a lot of injuries and turmoil. No, I am not a Debbie Downer.

Game of the Weak:

Broncos vs Seahawks

It’s amazing how far both teams have fallen, and I think that whichever team wins here will get a false sense of security. Both Elway and Carroll could be on the hot seat this season.

Do or Die:

It’s a little early for that as we are merely starting the season, but the Lions find themselves in a division where they could be the weakest link, yet still boast a pretty decent team. A loss to the lowly Jets could destroy any chances they feel they have.

Upset of the Week:

Picking these are tough because the season hasn’t started and there are so many changes from last year.  I want to pick the Browns over the Steelers, but instead I will take the Texans to beat the Patriots. Houston is finally healthy on both sides of the ball, and they have had success when they weren’t. Plus, the Patriots will be without some key pieces to start the season.

Lock of the Week:

The Vikings will be dominant at home against the 49ers. This is nothing against San Francisco, because I love their progression, but playing on the road, losing Jerrick McKinnon and the physicality of the Vikings’ defense should define this game and lead Minnesota to a win.

And there you have it.