“THE BATMAN” team leaked on day 1 of SDCC!

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“The Batman” team leaked on day 1 of SDCC!


It’s the nerdiest time of the year again as San Diego Comic Con is in full force! Thursday is usually the slowest day of the four day convention, but something very interesting still managed to sneak its way onto our newsfeeds! Deadline reported that DC and Warner Brothers will be moving forward with the Batman standalone movie starring Ben Affleck, but it will also be directed and co-written by Affleck, too! I wouldn’t put it against Warner Bros. and Affleck to have established that he might possibly direct a movie when he signed on to be the caped crusader. People familiar with “The Town”, “Gone Baby Gone” and “Argo” have been anticipating this for ages! Although, I’d like to say that it upsets me that Deadline couldn’t wait until Saturday to publish this article. Has society really grown that impatient? What’s the point of Warner Bros. getting all their ducks in order to finally give the fans a real Hall H treatment, if sites like Deadline are just going to ruin the surprise?


Aside from that, I’m genuinely happy that Ben Affleck is getting his hands on a DC property. So far, they’ve hired very talented directors and writers in Chris Terrio(Argo) , David Ayer(End of Watch, Fury) and Patty Jenkins (Monster).  I’m still not sure that James Wan is the right fit for “Aquaman”, and Phil Lord and Chris Miller haven’t really been confirmed to direct “Flash” yet, but you can tell that DC is going for real quality talent when it comes to bringing their comic book stories to life. Co-writing with Ben Affleck is DC’s Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns. If you know comics, then you’ve heard this name at least once. He’s the writer that brought Barry Allen’s Flash back; he also helped in the rebirth of Green Lantern and wrote “Brightest Day.” He’s also the reason that all of our favorite characters reside in the “New 52” due to his work on “The Flashpoint Paradox.” If you always hated Batman and Superman wearing their underwear on the outside, you have Johns to thank in getting rid of that! Rumor has it that “The Batman” may take some inspiration from “Batman: Earth One”, which is written by Geoff Johns. What a lovely age to be a comic book fan, right? Anyways, sound off in the comments! Do you think Ben Affleck will give us the Batman we deserve? Who would you have chosen instead? Check back with us for all your SDCC headlines!