The CineSportsTalk Experience: 10/1/13

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Hey people – we aired another live episode of the show tonight, but if you missed it you can check it out right here!

We covered a lot and we had a couple of guests:

We had hot chief DSO on (our newest writer and lawyer extraordinaire!) and we also had the woman known as “Lisbeth” on the air. Lisbeth is the designer of our new look site and we love her for it. She will be a friend of the show from this point forward.

Seeing as though we had such a great time on the show today, we didn’t get to everything we want to speak about.

We didn’t get to speak much about New Release Tuesday this week so click on this bad boy of a link and check it out if you missed it!

We also didn’t get to talk about New Releases in Theaters this week – look out for that at some point on Thursday.

If you need our review of Gravity, you can check out Steve’s and Scott’s respectively.

For everything else, check out this weeks podcast!

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