The Dark Knight Steals the Show on Day One of San Diego Comic Con

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Hey all.  San Diego Comic Con opened up yesterday and guess who stole all the spotlight? You guessed it, Gotham’s very own Dark Knight.  We are still ages away from the release of Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice and whenever anything related to this film leaks, it’s going to be big news. Here are the images that hit the net yesterday.





Like the pictures we saw a couple months ago of Batfleck donning the cowl, it looks like we are getting a more traditional Caped Crusader.




Again, a throwback batman.  Then of course we get the money shot to go along with the prior  Ben Affleck image standing next to the Batmobile.





I said it before, I will say it again.  I LOVE the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman.  He brings another dimension to The Dark Knight that we haven’t seen in the previous films.  Does that mean the Dawn of Justice will be better than Nolan or Burton’s renditions? Absolutely not.  But as we are learning with The Amazing Spider-Man reboots, what is the point of rehashing the same material.  Affleck brings a grimace and a cleft chin to the table.  He looks like he’s pissed off and ready to kick some serious ass.  My problem with all of this Batmania is he is stealing all the thunder from the Man of Steel.  Everything was going just fine until Bruce Wayne crashed the party.  What do you all think?