The Hall of Fame Gets It Right

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Hey all – Steve here.

Let’s talk a little bit of baseball.

Ken Griffey Jr and Mike Piazza are Hall of Fame bound!

The Hall of Fame got it right.

Ken Griffey Jr.

As a fan growing up, we all have our favorite players that are not on our team. Ken Griffey Jr. was one of them for me. He always played the game the right way. He was never one of those superstar players that stopped running on a ground ball in the infield or jogged after a fly ball out in center field. He always played the game as if he had fun playing. Maybe it was all of that or maybe it was because is Mariners beat the Yankees in the 1995 playoffs. That was amazing and I will never forget him sliding home with the winning run and the huge smile on his face at the bottom of the celebration pile! The Mets weren’t very good from 1991 – 1997 and my team became whichever team was playing the Yankees. It is what it is and when you grow up in New York that is how it is. If you’re a Mets fan then you love to see the Yankees lose. Don’t question it, just let it be. No matter who you rooted for growing up or who you root for now, Griffey deserved to be a first ballot Hall of Famer.

Oh and who could forget his Spider-Man catch:

Or his 600th career homerun in a jam-packed Sun Life Stadium against the Florida Marlins:


Now on to Mike Piazza. The best offensive catcher in baseball history deserved better than to be in on his 4th attempt. Again, it is what it is. There are some that feel that he may have taken steroids based on zero proof and some back acne. Fair enough, right? The most prolific homerun hitting catcher in history and the creator of several memorable moments for Mets fans now gets to head into the Hall of Fame, where he rightfully belongs. He hit some huge homeruns as a Met:

After trailing 8-1, the Mets scored 10 runs against the Braves in the 8th inning, capped off by this:

And who could forget the time he pissed off the guy who hasn’t made it into the Hall:

Or the time he won the game against Trevor Hoffman:

Or the time he tied the game against Smoltz in the 99 NLCS:

Or that time he brought a wounded city to its feet when it needed it the most:

Mike Piazza is one of my favorite Met players of all time. I remember when they got him in a trade with the Marlins. I ran through the streets of Brooklyn screaming out that the “METS GOT MIKE PIAZZA!”

18 years later, he will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Today, MLB and the Hall of Fame got it right. Congrats again to Griffey and Piazza!