The Sportz Nutt Breaks Down The Super Bowl!

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It’s Super Bowl weekend and this year’s match up features the league’s two best teams (surprisingly) in Atlanta and New England. Both teams have incredible offenses and solid defenses, and both have a legitimate shot to win the whole thing. The question is: Who will win, and why? Let’s examine.

QB: Both QB have had extraordinary seasons. Matt Ryan had an MVP-type year throwing for over 4500 yards and almost 40TD, while Tom Brady came quite close despite missing 4 games. The difference here is experience, as this is Ryan’s first Super Bowl appearance, while Brady has seen it all and done it all, and, even though he doesn’t always have his best games in the Super Bowl, he should be calm enough to sustain anything. Edge: New Enaglnd

RB: It’s difficult to examine this position as the Patriots don’t always use their entire running game every week, and it’s tough to pick who will play the most. If it’s Blount, it’s probably because they have a lead or want to kill the clock. It’s it’s Lewis, it’s because nothing is open downfield and they have checked down to him or they want to set something up downfield for later. If it’s White, well then I don’t know, maybe it’s because none of the above have worked. With Atlanta, on the other hand, you have two RB who can pound the ball, take it outside and also catch passes effectively out of the backfield, all while doing it purposefully and systematically. They are used in the game plan and keep the defense honest. The defense must bring LB up to protect this, but the Pats don’t often do so. Edge: Atlanta

TE: While the Falcons have the quantity, the Patriots have the quality here. Austin Hooper, while a good TE projected for the future, may be too inexperienced to succeed this weekend, and his backups as well, while Martellus Bennett is a top notch TE who can catch a lot of balls. While I give the edge to New England, I do so with caution, because when the Falcons run with 2 or even 3 TE sets, the Patriots may be too small to counter as they tend to go with a 5DB set more often than not. Edge: New England.

WR: See TE, but in reverse. While I like what the Patriots have in Edelman, Floyd and Hogan, the Falcons have a top 3 WR in the NFL who can overcome shut down corners and double team coverage and still take over a game. If we are to believe Belichick in that Hogan and Mitchell are questionable (big IF we are to believe it), then the edge here has to go with the Falcons who also have others like Sanu and Gabriel who have stepped up in past weeks. Will they against the greatest coach of all-time? Who knows. Edge: Atlanta

OL: I’m not going to pretend I’m an expert on the offensive line here. It’s a difficult position to examine, but I will say this. Tom Brady doesn’t get sacked a lot, but sometimes it’s due to how smart he is. Both teams have running backs who are successful and score. I’m going give this a tie.

Defense: The Patriots defense is statistically better than the Falcons in every major category, including PPG allowed, RYPG allowed, PYPG allowed, takeaways, and more. The Falcons also had the league’s toughest strength of schedule entering the season, but wound up finishing 15th while the Pats finished 12th. I do think that Atlanta’s defense has over achieved and is not as good as others preceive it to be, but that could be the fantasy footballer in me. Edge: New England

Special Teams: Even Steven here with both kickers being incredbly accurate.

Overall: I like the Pats in this one to show their experience over the Falcons. Had Atlanta been playing any other AFC team, I’d say it would be their year. Alas, it’s Brady and, more importantly, it’s Belichick. One distraction from the Super Bowl week(s) was the OC Shanahan from Atlanta interviewing for the Niners job. That’s time taken away from prep and something you’d need to focus on. Over all, I’m going New England 31 Atlanta 26.

And there you have it.