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The Sportz Nutt Breaks Down Week 9 – BYE-POCALYPSE

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The BYE-POCALYPSE is here! There are 6 teams on bye this week, leaving us with the shortest amount of games all season (until the playoffs). I’ve never understood why they do it like this. Why not either have a bye week for all in the middle of the season or give each division the week off? Do you have other ideas? Let me hear them down below. Anyways, onto Week 9:
Week 9
 Date Time (ET)  Away Team  Home Team
 Thu Nov 1 8:20 pm  Oakland Raiders  San Francisco 49ers
 Sun Nov 4 1:00 pm  Atlanta Falcons  Washington Redskins
1:00 pm  Chicago Bears  Buffalo Bills
1:00 pm  Detroit Lions  Minnesota Vikings
1:00 pm  Kansas City Chiefs  Cleveland Browns
1:00 pm  New York Jets  Miami Dolphins
1:00 pm  Pittsburgh Steelers  Baltimore Ravens
1:00 pm  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Carolina Panthers
4:05 pm  Houston Texans  Denver Broncos
4:05 pm  Los Angeles Chargers  Seattle Seahawks
4:25 pm  Los Angeles Rams  New Orleans Saints
8:20 pm  Green Bay Packers  New England Patriots
 Mon Nov 5 8:15 pm  Tennessee Titans  Dallas Cowboys
Bye: Arizona, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, N.Y. Giants, Philadelphia

Games of the Week:

3 – Detroit at Minnesota

An inter-division game is always of importance and this is as well. I’m not sure why the Lions traded away Golden Tate while they’re in the hunt for a playoff spot, but the mistake was made and now they have to live with it. Look for a close matchup here as both teams have something to play for and a division title they can both still win.

2 – LA Rams at New Orleans

I love that this game is in New Orleans, and you can tell that it’s a big game because it gets the 4:25pm designation despite being nowhere near the west coast. This will give the Rams the advantage they need to beat a very good Saints team. However, New Orleans is a different team at home, and they could surprise the world against a Rams defense that should be better than it is.

1 – Green Bay at New England

No explanation needed. However, if for some reason you do, go watch the best sports commercial in years:

Game of the Weak

I won’t go with the obvious “Thursday Night Football” game, but rather go with the “Monday Night Football” game. Personally, I don’t like either team this year, so this comes with a bit of bias. I think both teams are over-rated, especially Tennessee, as their record doesn’t indicate their talent. They have under performed and overachieved at times…’s hard to explain…..they’re just a team I don’t like. Dallass on the other hand, needed to trade away a 1st to obtain SOMEONE who could help out Dak….and even then. Ugh.

Do or Die:

As stated above, the Lions need this win in order to stay with their devision foes. If they lose, then it’s another year without a Super Bowl trophy for them.

Upset of the Week:

I am not sure why, but the Broncos are 1 point favorites to beat the Texans. If you can find this line before kickoff, take the Texans. They just traded for the Broncos’ Thomas and now have a legitimate WR2, the Broncos are in the mode of giving up and playing for next year, and they’re shorthanded in the running game. Houston needs the win more and will subsequently get it.

Lock of the Week:

The Bears will dominate, mutilate and punish the hapless Bills who just signed Terrelle Pryor to potentially run some plays under center. Take the BEARS!

And there you have it.