The Sportz Nutt brings you his Top 10 TV (Sports) Themes!

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10. Hockey Night in Canada

The Tradition Continues.

9. Monday Night RAW (2006-2009)

Always got me excited to see what would happen next.

8. MLB on CBS Theme (1990-1993)

Somehow, someway, I remember this.

7. NFL on CBS Theme (mid 90’s)

This takes me way back….to a time where my Arizona Cardinals were complete trash.

6. NHL on ESPN

I love this because I had a video game I played for hours on end, and this was the theme.

5. NBA on TNT

Now that my Clippers are relevant, I’m hearing this more often 🙂

4. Sunday Night Football on NBC

I absolutely love everything about Sunday Night Football, and the music is a big part.

3. Monday Night Football

Higher up primarily because each song is personalized for the matchup, and the game starts immediately after the song.

2. College Basketball on CBS

Why does Clark Kellogg come to mind everytime I hear it?

1. NBA on NBC

The pinnacle of all themes.