The Sportz Nutt brings you his WrestleMania 31 predictions!

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This is it, the show of shows, the grandest stage of them all. We’re talking about WRESTLEMANIA! And this Sunday marks the 31st edition of the grand spectacle in all of sports entertainment. Feuds have been looming, blooming and potentially dooming as the entire world will be watching the end and possibly beginnings of some stories. Here are my predictions for each match:


Tyson Kidd and Cesaro vs. The New Day vs. Los Matadores vs. The Uso’s in a four-way for the WWE Tag Team Championship:

They had a Fatal Fourway on Smackdown! this week, with one half of each tag team, and I must say, I found it to be quite entertaining. I hope that they don’t go their traditional route where two teams wait on the outside to be tagged into the match, because that makes for some very non-sensical television. I mean, why would I ever tag out, since I’d never get a chance to win? All that being said, we know Los Matadores aren’t winning, and we know that The New Day is a week away from admitting they were wrong about how awful this gimmick really is. That leaves us with the only real tag teams in the division, and one half of The Usos is allegedly hurt so, I’ll take Cesaro and Tyson Kidd to retain.


2nd Annual Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal:

What was once heralded by Hulk Hogan as the next greatest thing on their featured pay per view, has turned into an afterthought. Sure there’s a trophy and all, but what have they really done this year to promote it? They had a few guys get eliminated in mere minutes so that Kane and Mark henry could fight. Wow. And after the way they treated Cesaro following his win last year, I really have no hopes for this to be nothing more than their old “DVD Special Features” match of old. However, if I’m forced to pick a winner, I’m thinking either Sheamus returns or Mizdow wins. Tails wins for me (always does), so I’m going with Mizdow to win the Battle Royale.


Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins:

Quite an odd feud, because a few weeks ago, Orton got his revenge when he beat the holy hell out of Seth Rollins. I mean, why are they even having this match? I realize he is a sadistic monster who enjoys hurting others, but, he literally destroyed The Authority on RAW. He needs to do it again? I guess so, but maybe that’s why they did it. See, I don’t think Orton wins here. I think, with Rollins being Mr. MITB, he needs to look and be strong, because he will be cashing it in sooner than later. So, with that, and with J&J Security helping, along with others, Rollins (somehow) wins.


AJ Lee & Paige vs. The Bella Twins:

My five year old has a crush on AJ Lee, so, for him, I’m picking AJ and Paige.


Rusev vs. John Cena For The U.S. Championship:

I’ve been a fan of Rusev’s for quite some time, and I’m worried what will happen if he loses here. Will he remain dominant or will he started jobbing? I love how he has been built up to be the monster that he is, but it seems like it’s time for his streak to come to an end. Cena took one heck of a beating on RAW, and conventional wisdom suggests he overcomes all the odds to persever and survive. Rusev has plowed through each and every one of his opponents, but Cena is their superman, their rock, their foundation. Putting the belt on him brings instant credibility, For himself and for his country, John Cena will win the United States Championship.


The Undertaker vs. Bray Wyatt:

Last year we were all shocked that The Undertaker actually lost at Wrestlemania. The expressions on the fans faces said it all. This year, we don’t see The undertaker at all, and he’s still expected to waltz into this match, with little heat, and destroy Bray Wyatt? Not according to this guy. See, Bray has carried this feud from its inception to its culmination. His expressions, his tone of voice, his meaningful words have all led to him being the new face of fear. This is NOT The Undertaker’s last match. Next year’s Wrestlemania will be in Texas. Then and there will be his final curtain call, either going for revenge against Brock Lesnar or in a retuirement match against Sting. I can already see him coming back to “prove” himself next year and finish on a high note. Therefore, in my Shocker Special, Bray Wyatt beats The Undertaker.


Bad News Barrett vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper vs. Stardust vs. R-Truth in a ladder match for the Intercontinental Title:

Barrett isn’t retaining, that’s for damn sure. Harper isn’t winning, R-Truth has been a joke, and Stardust will probably find Goldust/Dustin Rhodes to be a distraction. Therefore, we’re left with three. And while Dean Ambrose is entertaining as anyone on the microphone, I think his in-ring work needs improvement, so we’re down to Dolph Ziggler and Daniel Bryan. I can see these two having a feud for this belt after Wrestlemania, although a returning heel Sheamus might have something to say about that. Assuming no new entrants make their way into this match, Daniel Bryan will win the Intercontinental Championship.


Sting vs. Triple H:

Plain and simple, Sting isn’t losing his (possible) only ever WWE match. Sting will pin The Game.


Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship:

The re-signing of Brock Lesnar changes everything from their original plans of having Roman Reigns winning it all. I can see them changing their plans like they did last year, and giving the fans what they want. Brock Lesnar is already garnering loud face cheers, while Reigns continues to get booed. Here’s what I think will happen: The Double Turn. Here’s where the face turns heel and the heel turns face in the same match. Why have Heyman and Reigns been respectful? Why did Heyman wink at the camera? Was it a nod to him from his infamous Smackdown! suffering suckitash promo, or something deeper and more meaningful? Heyman can then be the new mouthpiece for Reigns as World Heavyweight Champion. I will say that this leaves Lesnar without someone talking for him and without the belt, which is a possible hole for them, but the double turn possibility is too juicy to pass up, as Roman Reigns walks out WWE World Heavyweight Champion…..until Seth Rollins cashes in his Money in the Bank Briefcase. Then again, all of that could have been a double turn also…..and Brock Lesnar walks away WWE World Heavyweight Champion, in convincing fashion.