The Sportz Nutt Checks Out Some Top Non-NBA Dunks

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Has everyone seen this dunk yet?

The dude is 5’5″, and he leaps over TWO defenders. Incredible. So incredible that they stopped the game so that everyone could appreciate it, including members of the other team. It got me thinking: What are some other non-NBA/low division in game dunks that have been captured on film? Let’s go searching together.

Not too shabby. Love the homage to Vince.

Okay, so that was pretty cool. Not sure if they were up or down 40-5, so probably not needed, but still cool, regardless.

Tough to tell how good he is. It’s like guarding the Green Giant. Maybe we’ll get one of these guys to guard him:

Seriously, how are high schoolers this big?!?!?!

Does Middle School mean younger than high school? If so, that’s pretty impressive.

Okay, so this loaded up immediately after the video above. It takes very little skill and only genetics to do what these guys did. Not sure why the one kid is showboating.

8th grade?!?!?! Seriously? I was still watching cartoons and eating Macaroni and Cheese back then (yes, not now, back then)……

Grade 7?!?!?! I was eating Happy Meals back then (again, back then, I swear)……

Some amazing amateruish dunks from those younger and MUCH younger than me. I’m going to go crawl under a rock and die. And there you have it.