The Sportz Nutt Dives Into Week 7 In The NFL

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Hello my loyal and faithful readers, and welcome to my Week 7 preview. I’m writing this after the Thursday game, and well, let me just say, my Cardinals played one heck of a game. I mean, right from the start, they were competitively in this one and could have pulled off the comeback at the end but fell just short. In all seriousness, it was the worst game I’ve seen in quite some time. Anyhoo, here we go onto the rest of Week 7, and there are some pretty interesting match-ups:


Week 7
 Date Time (ET)  Away Team  Home Team
 Thu Oct 18 8:20 pm  Denver Broncos  Arizona Cardinals
 Sun Oct 21 9:30 am  Tennessee Titans  Los Angeles Chargers ¹
1:00 pm  Buffalo Bills  Indianapolis Colts
1:00 pm  Carolina Panthers  Philadelphia Eagles
1:00 pm  Cleveland Browns  Tampa Bay Buccaneers
1:00 pm  Detroit Lions  Miami Dolphins
1:00 pm  Houston Texans  Jacksonville Jaguars
1:00 pm  Minnesota Vikings  New York Jets
1:00 pm  New England Patriots  Chicago Bears
4:05 pm  New Orleans Saints  Baltimore Ravens
4:25 pm  Dallas Cowboys  Washington Redskins
4:25 pm  Los Angeles Rams  San Francisco 49ers
8:20 pm  Cincinnati Bengals  Kansas City Chiefs
 Mon Oct 22 8:15 pm  New York Giants  Atlanta Falcons
¹ This game is being played in London, England.

Bye: Green Bay, Oakland, Pittsburgh, Seattle

Top 3 Games of the Week:

3 – Cincinnati Bengals at Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs held their own at New England last week, and almost won that game outright. Now, on a semi short week, they travel back home to play an under-rated Bengals team that has been solid on both sides of the football. This will be a close one, but I think the Chiefs come away with a win.

2 – New England Patriots at Chicago Bears

A battle of a great offense versus a great defense. Beginning with New England, the Patriots finally have all the pieces in place to score. The presence of Josh Gordon and Julian Edelman should take some pressure off of Gronk and allow him to get open more often. Having 2 RB in place, rather than their usual 4-5, gives added ball security with players that can catch and run. On the other side of the ball, the Bears defense, which hasn’t allowed a rushing TD all year, looks to contain Brady at home. Should be a doozy.

* Gronk is now OUT for Sunday’s game against the Bears.

1 – New York Giants at Atlanta Falcons

Yes, this one is biased for me, because it is the game I’m looking forward to the most here. I think this is Eli Manning’s coming out party for the season. The Falcons cannot play defense at all, and struggle to stop anyone. Look for ODB, Engram and Barkley to all score. Atlanta, on the the other hand, is an offensive juggernaut, and should do very well at home. Look for both teams to score at least 30 points each.

Game of the Weak

Buffalo Bills at Indianapolis Colts

There’s a caveat here, as the Bills defense isn’t that bad and the Colts offense is quite decent. That said, the Bills offense is just awful with minimal talent on the field, and the Colts defense is like swiss cheese. It’ll be interesting to see if both teams can score over 20 points each.

Do or Die:

The Jaguars have not showed up on defense this season as promised. They find themselves 3-3 with no stud at RB. They’re at home vs an above average offense in Houston. This is a must win for the pre-season favorite Jacksonville team, if they want to have any postseason aspirations.

Upset of the Week:

I’ll take Cleveland to beat Tampa Bay. The Browns had an off week last week, and I think they’ll recover quite nicely. Though they just traded Carlos Hyde to the jags, they will still have Duke Johnson and Nick Chubb, both of whom were being transitioned into starter snap roles. Furthermore, the Buccaneer defense is awful, and Mayfield should be given time to throw the ball down the field. Look for a shootout here.

Lock of the Week:

I hate picking London games, but I’ll take the surging Chargers to beat the over-achieving Titans. The Chargers have been doing it offensively all while Keenan Allen has been quiet. Once he gets going, watch out AFC. On the other side, the defense is starting to get healtheir and are adjusting well to changes being made. The Titans are pitiful and don’t deserve their current record. They are a sham.

And there you have it.